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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th December 2023 Written Update: Kunal shares his emotion with Vandana

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the joyous celebration of Kunal and Vandana’s marriage, where both Marathi and Punjab cultures are respected. The families of Kunal and Vandana dance and enjoy the night together. Kunal and Vandana also share a dance, letting go of all their worries. After the celebration, Vandana expresses her gratitude to Kunal for attending. Kunal then continues dancing in accordance with Marathi traditions, and Tara joins him. Vandana observes Kunal and Vandana enjoying the program wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, Mrunal is unable to join the festivities due to certain restrictions.

Meanwhile, Kuldeep receives news that his wife has run away from the shelter. He can’t believe that Bani would leave on her own, but suspects she may have gone to Kunal’s wedding. He hurries to stop her from attending. On the other hand, Bani wanders the streets in search of her lost children. Overwhelmed with emotions, she remembers their faces and makes her way to Kunal’s house. Exhausted and weak, she gasps for breath but manages to remember the house and finds Kunal.

Inside Vandana’s house, Bani gazes at Kunal’s face and reminisces about their past days. However, no one notices her as the noise drowns out her voice. She tries to call out Kunal’s name, but no one pays attention. Meanwhile, Kuldeep arrives and forcefully grabs Bani’s face, dragging her towards the car. He doesn’t want to waste a minute and quickly takes her back to the shelter. Bani pleads with him to let her see her children just once, but Kuldeep forcefully silences her.

Towards the end of the function, Vandana asks Kunal if he enjoyed the food. Kunal expresses his happiness in meeting the Karmakar family and, although he has already eaten, he still feels hungry. He asks Vandana to arrange some food for him. Vandana takes Kunal to a food stall and buys him a plate of Bada Pao. However, as it is the last plate, the shopkeeper is unable to serve Vandana another plate of Pada Pao. Kunal kindly shares his food with his fiance.

The episode concludes.

In the upcoming episode, Vani will spot Kunal in the middle of the road and call out his name, but Kuldeep will once again silence her. He forcefully covers her mouth to prevent Kunal from hearing her voice or screams. He wants to avoid any complications and ensure that Kunal remains unaware of his mother. Vani will feel suffocated and honk the car horn to attract attention.

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