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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th December 2023 Written Update: Kunal saved Vandana from goons

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Vandana finds herself in a difficult situation as people in the market start cursing her and calling her shameless. She tries to escape, but a group of goons stops her and attempts to assault her. Despite her attempts to defend herself, she is outnumbered and no one comes to her aid. Bobby calls her and promises to file a complaint against those responsible for spreading fake photos to defame her.

One of the goons tries to touch Vandana, and she slaps him in response. This angers the goons even more, and they move closer to harm her. Soniya and Mrunal initially hesitate to intervene, but when they realize the seriousness of the situation, they try to make their way through the mob to help Vandana.

Suddenly, Kunal arrives on a bike, appearing like a savior. Soniya and Mrunal step back as Kunal confronts the goons and fights them off. He warns everyone, including the public, that Vandana is his future wife, and anyone who tries to harm or defame her will have to face him. Kunal insists that no one should say a single negative word about Vandana.

Kunal then helps Vandana by wrapping a piece of cloth around her torn saree. Feeling ashamed and shaken, Vandana is relieved when Kunal carries her on his bike. Soniya looks jealous of Kunal’s actions towards Vandana, her face filled with anger. Kunal takes Vandana away from the scene.

Back at Vandana’s home, Vijay is extremely worried about his daughter, but Kunal asks him to give Vandana some time alone. Kunal holds Vandana’s hand and instructs her to go to her room and rest. Vandana follows his advice, and Kunal has a conversation with Vijay. Anagha and Hemant express their gratitude to Kunal for saving Vandana. Kunal sits next to Vijay and explains that Vandana was brutally assaulted by the mob.

Kunal brings up the topic of their marriage, but Vijay remains firm in his decision. He accuses Kunal of being selfish and insists that he also has the right to worry about his daughter’s future. Kunal promises Vijay that, even if he doesn’t love Vandana, he will take full responsibility for her and take care of her. He asks Vijay to bless them and support Vandana in this marriage. Vijay is unable to say anything, as he has seen Kunal fulfill his promises before, but he still can’t fully accept Kunal as his son-in-law. Kunal leaves, leaving Vijay conflicted.

Meanwhile, at the Malhotra’s house, Pummy tries to manipulate Kunal by defaming Vandana. However, Kunal makes it clear that although he may not love Vandana as his wife, she will soon become his wife legally, so everyone should respect her as she deserves. Pummy is shocked by Kunal’s words.

Vandana is deeply shaken by the incident and finds it hard to forget what happened. She is grateful that Kunal saved her. Kunal arrives and asks her to come outside as they need to go to the police station to file a report. Mrunal is angry that Soniya hasn’t taken any action for Vaibhav’s bail. She warns Soniya to tell Kunal the truth. The two of them start fighting.

In the next episode, Soniya and Mrunal will reveal each other’s secrets to warn their opponent. Meanwhile, Kunal and Vandana will arrive with evidence of cybercrime against them and will ask Vandana to take action.

At the Malhotra’s house, Tara, Bobby, and Guneets will plan a surprise for Vandana and Kunal.

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