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Jhanak 8th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh reads out Urvashi’s letter

Jhanak 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jhanak and Anirudh getting separated from each other at the railway platform. They exchange greetings and wish each other a better life before going their separate ways. Anirudh feels guilty for not being able to provide Jhanak with a permanent shelter. While boarding the train, Anirudh finds a letter in his pocket that Urvashi had written before her suicide for Jhanak. He reads the letter, in which Urvashi shares her remorse for Jhanak’s painful life and her inability to provide her with a peaceful life. She describes how tired she used to feel whenever the evil in their lives would insult her.

Urvashi tried her best to give Jhanak a better life and wanted her to be successful. In the letter, Urvashi reveals Jhanak’s father’s identity, which had remained unknown to Jhanak despite her repeated inquiries. Urvashi confesses that Jhanak’s father is Guruji, a successful and respected man who manipulated Urvashi into marriage and then abandoned her and Jhanak. Urvashi emphasizes that she did nothing wrong; she simply loved a man who betrayed her and was left alone in life. She urges Jhanak to take a strong step, question her father, and become more successful than him. Anirudh reads the letter and decides to take care of Jhanak as he feels responsible for her.

Anirudh returns to the platform and searches for Jhanak, while Jhanak goes to the railway police station for help. However, the police can’t assist her and provide her with the address of another police station. Anirudh also arrives at the police station and inquires about Jhanak. Following the police officer’s instructions, Anirudh boards an auto to reach Jhanak. On the way, Anirudh gets stuck in a traffic jam, while Jhanak reaches the police station. Eventually, Anirudh also arrives and sees Jhanak there. Jhanak is surprised to see him and wonders why he wants her to go with him.

The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Arshi will try to reach Anirudh, but he will be too busy to answer the call. Tejas will be furious with Jhanak for betraying him. Meanwhile, other people will mistake Anirudh and Jhanak for a new couple. Jhanak will go to the washroom to remove her vermilion, and Anirudh will wait for her outside.


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