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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th December 2023 Written Update: Vishal spikes Arjun’s drink

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th December 2023 Written Update on

Karun expresses his gratitude towards Kaashvi and embraces her while the title song plays in the background. Kaashvi, however, informs him that she won’t show her face to him. Perplexed, she asks him who told him that something would happen to his mother if he saw her face. Karun reveals that his mother told him this, leaving Kaashvi in shock and wondering why Karun’s mother would say such a thing to him.

Meanwhile, Aditya commends the trainees for their work. A friend of Vishal informs Aditya that Vishal is still working with construction laborers. Aditya emphasizes the importance of discipline and announces that the orientation party is significant. He instructs the trainees to bring their families to the party. Aditya specifically tells Arjun to bring his wife to the event, which leaves Arjun contemplating how to bring Mahima to the party, as Kaashvi will be present.

Later, Aditya presents a saree to Kaashvi, requesting her to wear it for the orientation party. Kaashvi questions the necessity of it, but Aditya explains that he wants her to look her best. He also mentions that he has instructed Arjun to bring his wife to the party. Kaashvi agrees, and Aditya realizes that he was overthinking because Kaashvi seemed normal.

Dadi approaches Aditya and inquires about his plan. Aditya confirms that his plan is finalized. He asks Dadi if Kaashvi ever loved someone in the past. Dadi acknowledges that she was aware of Kaashvi’s divorce and reveals that Kaashvi loved her husband, who betrayed her. Aditya asks for the name of Kaashvi’s ex-husband, but Dadi dismisses it as irrelevant. She asserts that what matters now is Aditya’s love for Kaashvi and that he has brought a smile to her face, which is why she supports their marriage. Aditya assures Dadi that he will propose to Kaashvi tonight.

Meanwhile, Arjun hopes that Mahima doesn’t attend the party. He informs Mahima about the orientation party and invites her to accompany him. To his surprise, Mahima agrees to go with him and asks if Kaashvi will be there, to which Arjun confirms her presence.

At the party, Vishal comments about Arjun’s wife being attractive, yet Arjun’s focus is on Kaashvi. Vishal plots something against Arjun and announces a couple’s dance. Aditya dances with Kaashvi, while Arjun dances with Mahima. Later, Mahima dances with Aditya, and Kaashvi dances with Arjun. During the dance, Aditya discovers that Karun is Arjun and Mahima’s son. Arjun compliments Kaashvi, but she advises him to focus on Mahima. Arjun suggests they live in the present moment. Vishal spikes Arjun’s drink, planning to get him suspended from the institution due to his behavior.

The episode concludes with Arjun contemplating confessing his love for Kaashvi and explaining why he married Mahima. Meanwhile, Aditya proposes to Kaashvi, and Arjun witnesses the scene.

Precap: Arjun decides it’s time to confess his love for Kaashvi and explain the reason behind his marriage to Mahima. However, Aditya proposes to Kaashvi, and Arjun witnesses the proposal.


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