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May I Come In Madam 8th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan learns of Kashmira’s suspicion

May I Come In Madam 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sajan entering the bathroom to get ready, where he imagines Sanjana, who tells him that she is desperate to confess what’s in her heart. Sajan encourages her to do it. Sanjana smiles and then confesses she loves him. Sajan also confesses the same. He also agrees to let Sanjana accompany him in the bathroom. Kashmira arrives there and gets shocked seeing Bhupesh is shouting for help so Kashmira opens the curtains and finds Sajan and Bhupesh in an intimate position so she questions them both. Sajan realizes that he imagined Bhupesh as Sanjana. Bhupesh complains to Kashmira about Sajan’s act, but Sajan shouts at him and then makes him leave with Kashmira.

Later, Sajan, in his room, wonders how to meet Sanjana. He then receives a call from Sanjana who inquires when he is reaching the office as she wants to talk to him about something personal. Sajan tells her that he is aware of it, so he asks Sanjana to tell him what’s on her mind one time on the phone and then the next time directly. Sanjana gets confused but refuses to tell him anything, saying she wants to tell him directly. Sajan agrees to meet her directly. Meanwhile, Sanjana complains to Chedilal about her conversation with Sajan. Chedilal advises Sanjana to inform Sajan about his bad odor socks soon. Sanjana agrees.

Later, Sajan waits near the elevator for Sanjana. Sanjana arrives. Sajan greets her. Sanjana gets upset by the foul smell when she tries to greet him back. She then tells Sajan that she wants to tell him something, but she feels embarrassed. Sajan encourages her to do it and also says that as a woman, it’s completely normal to feel this way. Sanjana gets confused by Sajan’s behavior. Before she could talk to him, Chedilal arrived and took her to attend an important meeting. Sajan gets upset. He then realizes he is late to return home, so he rushes to the house.

Here, Kashmira demands Sajan to open the door. Ramvati joins her. Kashmira doesn’t get any response from inside, so she threatens to break the door with the help of Ramvati. Ramvati gets emotional recalling her childhood memories with her mother, which she shares with Kashmira. Kashmira gets annoyed but asks Ramvati to help her open the door. Ramvati agrees and breaks the door. Both Kashmira and Ramvati enter the room and find Sajan in bed. Kashmira questions him for not opening the room door. Sajan argues with her. Ramvati informs him about Kashmira’s suspicion so Sajan pretends to be hurt. Kashmira notices Sajan is wearing a shoe, so she leaves the place, asking him to take rest.

Kashmira informs Ramvati about Sajan’s attempt to fool her. Bhupesh arrives there and jokes about Kashmira’s choices, which leads Kashmira to slap him. She then asks both Ramvati and Bhupesh to keep an eye on Sajan. Later, Sajan imagines Sanjana in his room and hugs Ramvati. Kashmira questions Sajan, but the latter makes up an excuse. Ramvati accuses Sajan, so Sajan argues with her and makes her leave the room. He then shares his disappointment with Khiloni for failing to help him.

Bhupesh makes some arrangements to prevent Sajan from leaving the house. Both Ramvati and Chedilal flirt with each other over a phone call. Sajan urges his friends to come to his house immediately. Kashmira arrives there and suggests playing a card game. Sajan agrees. Later, he asks Kashmira for wine, but she tells him wine isn’t there.

Precap: Sanjana’s another attempt to inform Sajan about his bad odor socks fails. Here, Kashmira questions Sajan for locking the door inside, though he is tied up. Sajan becomes speechless.


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