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Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update: Dhawal finds Amresh

Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Hetal collapsing, fearing that something has happened to Amresh. Amba and the other Makwana daughters-in-law panic when they see her unconscious. Natasha takes an auto, and Mithu notices her. He informs Chiku about this, and Chiku becomes confused as to why Natasha would be there instead of at home. Dhawal, Bhavin, and Chirag rush to Amresh’s car, but he is not inside. Amba prays for Amresh’s safety. Hetal regains consciousness, and Amba scolds her for supporting Natasha.

The police inspector tells Chirag that they found a jacket and hands over Amresh’s jacket to them. He explains that the car has been at the accident site since last night, and it seems the accident was severe, making it difficult for the driver to survive. Dhawal sits near the car, crying hysterically, questioning how Amresh could leave them. Natasha arrives at the Makwana house and thinks to herself that she cannot handle any more drama. Chabili is outside but misses seeing Natasha. Mithu and Chiku also reach the Makwana house. Natasha meets them at the door and angrily tells them not to cause any trouble. Bhavin asks the inspector if he has more information about the victim. The inspector hands them a diary they found in the car.

Natasha rudely talks to Chiku and Mithu, asking them to leave. Chiku suggests that Suman is unnecessarily worried about her, as Kanta misunderstood that she was sleeping at the Pandya Store. Chiku advises her to forget that she has DaMa and her brothers, as she seems happy with her in-laws. The washerman arrives and asks Natasha to get clothes from the house. Natasha realizes that she cannot enter the Makwana house. Chiku feels upset with Natasha’s behavior and leaves with Mithu.

Dhawal checks inside Amresh’s car and finds bloodstains and a card from Aatm Niketan. Dhawal tells his brothers that he will go and look for Amesh at the place mentioned on the card. Amresh is shown lying injured with a forehead wound, being treated with traditional herbs and medicines. Dhawal arrives there and rushes inside. Amresh painfully gets up, and Dhawal questions how he could leave everything like this. This turns out to be Amresh’s imagination. He realizes that the rules he made to keep his family united have distanced him from his family. Pranali and Dolly try to feed Hetal, but she refuses to eat or drink until Amresh returns.

Natasha arrives at the Makwana house and is shocked to see everyone’s state. Amba tells her to stay outside and not enter their house. Hetal rushes to Natasha and hugs her, informing her that Amresh has left the house and that his car has been found. Natasha is left stunned by the news. Dhawal actually reaches the place where Amresh is and feels relieved to see him alive. Dhawal hugs Amresh and cries his heart out. Amba tells Hetal that Natasha is selfish and it is pointless to inform her about Amresh, as she does not care about her husband or in-laws. Dhawal tells Amresh to come back home with him. The episode ends with Amresh saying he will no longer come between Dhawal and Natasha.


Dhawal will hand over divorce papers to Natasha. He will ask her to sign them, and she will do so and throw the papers in his face.


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