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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Story: Vaibhav to get arrested!

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Famous person Plus TV display, “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si” will likely be appearing a fascinating plot twistnin the approaching episode. Vanadana will accuse Vaibhav for making an attempt homicide in opposition to her father. Police will arrest him for the crime.

She is going to display a video as a immune to his crime. At the alternative hand Pummy will effort to govern Kuldeep, to assure that the wedding isn’t going down.

Within the wave episode, Vedika, Guneet and Bobby involves Vijay with the wedding proposal. However Vijay denies to just accept that. He says that he already had enough quantity with Malhotra’s and now they’re tring his daughter.

He says that Kunal needs to marry Vandana for the shake of Tara and there will likely be not anything in between Kunal and Vandana ever. Kunal is marrying her as an everlasting carer for his daughter.

Vijay says he’s already made up our minds and he cleary sees their egotism within the proposal. Hemant tries to modify Vijay’s thoughts however he’s already determind to not settle for the proposal. So, Vedika places a series of her mom on Vandana’s neck and blessed her as an elder sister.

Kuldeep at the otherside is ignorant of wedding ceremony rite. Pummy informs her. He will get indignant and asks her to store him up to date and promised that he’ll do the rest to ban the wedding. He glance very determind.

Within the after episode, Mrunal will ask Vanadana to all set sovereign Vaibhav from the prison and Vanadana will effort to remind her that he had attempted to their father. Mrunal will say that she does lend a hand about Vijay, so Vanadana will slap her. Vanadana will thru away Mrunal’s baggage out of doors and can asks her to loose the home instantly.

Mrunal will warn Vanadana to spoil her dream to reside a relaxed moment with Kunal.

Vanadana will likely be caught within the tag of struggle between Vijay and Kuldeep. Pummy will backup manufacture it tougher for her.


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