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Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke Upcoming Story: What! Do Avinash refused to save Pashminna?

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Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke is a popular Sony SAB show that has been captivating audiences. In the latest episode, Avinash faces a dilemma when he realizes that he can’t donate his blood to Pashminna due to his high blood pressure. This revelation raises concern about Pashminna’s well-being. Will she be able to get the blood she needs? Let’s find out more.

In the previous episode, Ayesha informs Avinash about Pashminna’s rare blood group, RH null, and the urgent need for blood to save her life. Ayesha pleads with Avinash to help Pashminna since she had once saved Raghav’s life. However, Avinash prioritizes his son Ruhaan, who had a panic attack, and takes Ayesha home, leaving Pashminna’s fate uncertain.

Meanwhile, Mohana informs Raghav about Avinash’s blood group, RH null, and he rushes to stop Ayesha and Avinash from leaving for the airport. Raghav convinces Avinash to reconsider and save Pashminna’s life.

Preeti, who learns that Avinash is Ayesha’s father, recalls how he had betrayed her in the past. Despite this, Avinash agrees to donate his blood. Fatima informs Paras that Raghav has arranged a blood donor, leaving Paras feeling helpless.

In the upcoming episode, Kailash will deliver news to Preeti and Raghav that Avinash is unable to donate his blood to Pashminna due to his high blood pressure. Concerned, Raghav questions Avinash’s well-being, and Paras explains the situation. The doctor arrives and asks Preeti about the blood arrangement. Raghav anxiously inquires about Pashminna’s condition and is informed that she may slip into a coma if she doesn’t receive the blood she needs.

What will Raghav do now? How will Preeti respond to this crisis? These pressing questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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