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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 4th December 2023 Written Update: Jakruti’s questions make Aradhana emotional

Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bhakti asking Pooja and Jakruti to fetch Aradhana. She expresses her concern for Aradhana, but Pooja and Jakruti assure her that Aradhana is fine before going inside. Meanwhile, Jai questions Akash about the security arrangements. Akash provides Jai with the details about the security around the wedding venue. Neeta wonders why security is necessary, so Akash reminds her of the drama caused by Reyansh during the pre-wedding ceremony. Jai requests Akash to instruct the security personnel to treat Reyansh with respect as he is Jai’s friend. Neeta questions Jai about marrying Reyansh’s girlfriend, whom he claims to be his best friend. Jai is taken aback and gazes at Neeta.

In another scene, Jakruti and Pooja scold Aradhana for hurting herself and refuse to apply ointment on her wound. Aradhana insists on keeping the mehendi with Jai’s name on her hand. Just then, her phone rings and a song plays from the other side. Aradhana quickly ends the call. Suddenly, the phones of Aradhana, Pooja, and Jakruti all ring simultaneously. Aradhana answers the call, realizing it’s Reyansh, and scolds him for tormenting her. Reyansh becomes determined to marry Aradhana. Aradhana, Pooja, and Jakruti are left confused when Reyansh suggests jewelry for Aradhana. Aradhana vents her frustrations to Pooja and Jakruti, who try to calm her down. Meanwhile, Reyansh declares that his next mission is underway.

Back to Jai and Neeta, Jai explains to Neeta that neither Reyansh nor Aradhana are in a relationship. He confesses his deep love for Aradhana and assures Neeta that Aradhana chose him over Reyansh. Jai believes that Reyansh will eventually understand and respect Aradhana’s decision and move on. He once again asks Akash to give strict instructions to the security and not to harm Reyansh. Jai then leaves, ignoring Neeta. Varun teases Neeta for failing to convince Jai and Akash about Aradhana. Neeta glares at him. Meanwhile, Aradhana, Pooja, and Jakruti are startled by the sound of knocking at the door. Jai arrives and informs Aradhana about the security measures taken around the house, reassuring her not to worry about Reyansh. He emphasizes that Reyansh is harmless and then leaves.

Jakruti questions Aradhana about her decision to marry Jai, knowing that she doesn’t want to marry Reyansh. Aradhana defends her choice and explains her helplessness, believing that her decision is right. Meanwhile, Reyansh speaks with someone on the phone and suggests creating drama as a solution.

Later, Malini is seen happily participating in the mehendi ceremony. Both Jai and Aradhana receive continuous messages from Reyansh, leaving them confused about how he knows what they are up to. The mehendi artists leave after receiving their payment and meet Reyansh, who pays them a sum of money. Varun notices this and questions Reyansh, who stares back at him.

During the ceremony, a guest announces that the previous day was auspicious, especially for couples. Aradhana recalls Reyansh applying mehendi on her hand and becoming upset. She notices that Reyansh’s name is written on her hand instead of Jai’s. Just then, Neeta arrives and asks Aradhana to show her mehendi. Aradhana distracts Neeta with the help of Pooja and Jakruti. She then informs Jai about everything, and they both realize that Reyansh received inside updates through the mehendi artist. Outside, Reyansh dances with a few people. A police officer arrives at the venue and accuses Jai based on a girl’s allegations, deciding to arrest him. Aradhana defends Jai, but the officer refuses to listen.

Preview: Jai confronts Reyansh, blaming him for Aradhana’s decision. Later, Aradhana files a case against Reyansh and leaves with Jai, leaving Reyansh hurt.


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