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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 5th December 2023 Written Update: Ranjha saves Sartaj from fire

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 5th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajwinder urging Kuldeep to forget everything and change his decision. However, Kuldeep remains firm and states that he will only marry Heer. Heer questions Kuldeep if he has ever considered her wishes and tells Parneet that she is not wealthy enough to compromise her self-respect. She asserts that she is Heer Kaur, and “Kaur” means princess, highlighting her identity as her father’s princess. Heer responds to the accusations by explaining that even though they may not have grand castles, they possess big hearts. She emphasizes that in their community, relationships are built on genuine connections, not social status. Heer informs Kuldeep that she cannot join hearts where they are not respected, and she storms out.

Kuldeep’s father agrees with Heer’s perspective. Ranjha tries to console Heer, but she expresses disappointment, stating that he should have refused Navjot’s invitation to bring him there. Ranjha explains that Navjot is concerned about Heer’s well-being, as every mother wants her daughter to settle in a good home. Heer asserts that her career is more important to her and if she marries into such a household, she will never be happy and would feel insecure without her father’s support.

Kuldeep approaches Heer and admits that he understands her point of view. He claims that meeting her has changed him. Kuldeep expresses his willingness to do anything to make her happy and pleads for a chance to prove himself. However, Heer firmly refuses his proposal and questions his understanding of love. She explains that true love involves keeping one-sided feelings hidden for years and making sacrifices to bring happiness to the other person. Heer states that love is something that becomes a part of dreams. With each statement, Ranjha reflects on his own feelings for Heer.

Heer tells Kuldeep that her goal in life is to reach the pinnacle of her career and fulfill her father’s dreams. Kuldeep promises to eventually make her realize his true feelings, as his love is genuine. Navjot tries to convince Heer about the relationship, but she remains adamant. Heer tells Ranjha that he has deeply hurt her. Meanwhile, Sartaj is in his room looking at a picture of Ranjha’s mother when a fire breaks out due to firecrackers. Everyone rushes to the room, including Heer.

Fearing the flames, no one dares to enter the room. Heer points out that there is always someone ready to help others. Ranjha arrives and bravely jumps into the room. Sartaj struggles to breathe and faintly notices Ranjha wearing a necklace with his mother’s picture. However, Ranjha does not see Sartaj holding the picture. Heer throws a blanket inside the room, and Ranjha emerges with Sartaj. Realizing that Sartaj’s heartbeat has stopped, Heer advises Ranjha to perform CPR, which successfully revives him. Sartaj blesses Ranjha, and the latter feels a connection with him. Navjot asks Heer to sit beside Sartaj, but she leaves. The episode ends with Ranjha and his father unknowingly looking at each other, unaware of their relationship.


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