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Dabangii 5th December 2023 Written Update: Bela and Sai leave Ankush’s home

Dabangii 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Kasturi expressing her confusion about why they are giving so much importance to an outsider child. She even questions Ankush if the kid is his illegitimate daughter. Avdabai intervenes and suggests resolving the matter within the family. Meanwhile, Bela wonders what Ankush is hiding from her.

Kasturi witnesses Arya getting into a fight with Tanmay. Outraged, Kasturi decides to kick Arya out of the house. She taunts Arya, telling her to call her father for help, knowing that no one will come to her aid. Arya reaches out to her father, Ankush, who arrives and requests Kasturi to leave his daughter alone. Ankush then sends Arya away.

Kasturi confronts Ankush about his statement that Arya is his daughter. She implies that everyone understood what he meant by his words. Ankush denies twisting his words and tries to explain the truth to Bela. However, Bela, influenced by Kasturi’s words, walks away without listening to him. Satya pretends to be shocked upon discovering that Ankush has an illegitimate daughter.

Bela enters their house and Arya explains that she is innocent. Bela sees Arya and goes into the kitchen. Ankush blames Satya and Kasturi for the situation and argues with Bela. Bela sets a condition that Arya should not stay in the house and demands Ankush not to lie to her anymore. Ankush insists that Arya is his responsibility and cannot abandon her. Bela agrees to let Arya stay but wants to know the identity of her father. Ankush claims it is confidential and cannot reveal it at the moment. Bela loses confidence in their relationship upon hearing this news.

Later, Bela starts packing her belongings. Ankush pleads for some time to fix everything, but Bela ignores him and decides to leave the house. Arya pleads with Bela not to go, and Sai asks where they are heading. Bela informs them that they are going to their grandmother’s house. Satya invites Bela and Sai to stay at their house. Ankush begs Bela not to leave and promises to make things right. However, Bela insists that Ankush should at least inform Arya about her father’s identity. Bela leaves with Satya and Kasturi.

In the upcoming episode, Arya encounters Tanmay and accidentally drops Damini’s photo. Arya visits Satya’s house and presents the flower crown she made for Bela. Unfortunately, Kasturi throws Arya out of the house.

And that’s how the episode concludes.

Precap: Arya runs into Tanmay, who drops Damini’s photo on the floor. Later, Arya goes to Satya’s house and gives Bela the flower crown she made. Kasturi then expels Arya from the house.


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