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Dhruv Tara 5th December 2023 Written Update: Dhruv agrees to marry Meenakshi

Dhruv Tara 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Antara meeting her mother, Tara, and Rajmata. They have an emotional reunion, and Dhruv, who secretly knew that Tara is alive, watches them. Rajmata questions Tara about her presence in Devgarh, a place considered an enemy of Vallavgarh, and why she married Surya and gave her son to them. Tara explains that after an earthquake in Vallavgarh, everything was destroyed, and they were attacked by dacoits. Surya saved her and her son, Shaurya, from the dacoits. Tara notices that her mother is wearing jewelry from the 21st century, leading her to believe that her mother has time-traveled to meet her. Dhruv approaches Tara and accuses her of using her mother to prove that she is not Antara.

Meanwhile, Surya confides in Meenakshi that Dhruv is already a married man who loves his wife dearly. Despite this, Meenakshi admits that she loves Dhruv, even if it is one-sided. Surya advises Meenakshi that it is dangerous to love someone who does not reciprocate the feelings and wants her sister to be happy.

Dhruv declares his love for Tara and defends his actions of helping a mother meet her lost daughter. Tara argues that Dhruv has wrong intentions and is using her mother for his own gain. Dhruv insists that he only knows his love for Tara and cannot live without her. He reveals that he has already lost his family and pleads with Tara to see his sincerity. Tara questions Dhruv if he wants to know the truth.

Dhruv confirms his desire, and Tara admits that she is his wife, Tara. Dhruv asks why she deceived him, and Tara explains that she has moved on as Antara, the queen of Devgarh, with a husband and son. She reveals that she does not want to risk another earthquake destroying her current life and that their relationship is over. Tara asks Dhruv to stop following her and start a new life without her.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi expresses her pain of loving someone but being unable to express it. Bhavosa asks Meenakshi about her difficulties, and Surya explains that it is not easy to achieve what one desires in life. Bhavosa blesses both Meenakshi and Surya, reminding them that it is a mother’s responsibility to ensure their children’s wishes are for their own good.

Antara confronts Dhruv and firmly states that she does not want any relationship with him. She confesses her love for Surya and advises Dhruv to forget her. Rajmata intervenes and stops Tara from saying anything further. Dhruv walks away, deeply hurt, and Tara also sheds tears for his condition. Rajmata expresses her disappointment in Antara’s actions, stating that she is not worthy of Dhruv’s love. Rajmata disowns Antara, who feels guilty for hurting Dhruv.

Meenakshi learns that Dhruv is in the Rajmahal and rushes to meet him. She confesses her love for him and proposes marriage. Dhruv, influenced by Tara’s words, accepts Meenakshi’s proposal.

In the upcoming episode, Bhavosa and Antara discover that Dhruv and Meenakshi are in love and ready to marry each other.


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