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Doree 5th December 2023 Written Update: Neelu lears the truth.

Doree 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kailash Devi asking Anand to bring Ganga Prasad from jail. Neelu excuses them to drink water and instructs Doree to stay there. Vansh, still upset about Doree’s insult, deliberately breaks the butter pot. Kailash Devi asks Vickram to clean the floor while Vansh comments that they shouldn’t waste food. Doree, feeling hungry, is asked by Vansh to eat the spilled butter. However, she insists on eating with her father. Vansh tells her that she had promised to listen to him, but she refuses now. He then asks Kailash Devi not to bring Ganga Prasad out of jail, and she agrees. Doree assures Kailash Devi that she will eat the butter and asks her to bring her father out of jail. Vansh and Kailash Devi enjoy watching Doree eat the dirty butter from the floor. Meanwhile, Mansi wonders how she will find her daughter while being confined at home.

Sudha arrives and informs Mansi that she has prepared Vansh’s favorite paratha. Doree’s bracelet falls off, and Sudha asks her if Kailash Devi had gifted it to her during her baby shower. Mansi scolds Doree for losing the bracelet. Doree lies and says she found it while cleaning the cupboard. Mansi is surprised to see Neelu there. Later, Vickram wipes Doree’s mouth and advises her not to take Vansh’s actions to heart. Doree expresses her concern about whether Ganga Prasad has eaten anything and how he will be punished. She wants to meet him and hears his voice. Meanwhile, Neelu asks Mansi if the bracelet belongs to her, mentioning that it was stolen from her house a few years ago. Neelu wonders how it ended up at Ganga Prasad’s house and offers to help Mansi catch the thief. Mansi gives her contact number to Neelu, who sees it as an opportunity.

Doree is overjoyed to see Ganga Prasad back and hugs him. She asks if he was beaten, to which he replies that as long as Doree is by his side, he has nothing to worry about. Anand explains that they brought him out of jail and now he has to return the favor. Meanwhile, Neelu informs the people of Basti that they need to place their orders 10 days before Diwali. Ganga Prasad’s design will be introduced in Kailash Devi’s shop, and the people of Basti will receive 50k for their work. Kailash Devi hands out thread and money to them, but in return, they need to give their house documents as a guarantee. Ganga Prasad refuses to agree with this condition, but Prem Kakka advises him to eat something rather than starving. Everyone signs the documents, and one of the Basti people mentions that power connection and water supply have been restored. Neelu sees this as a good sign.

Ganga Prasad asks Doree to give the documents to Neelu, who mentions that everyone has provided their fingerprints. Neelu remembers Mansi mentioning the missing bracelet. Neelu gives money to Doree and asks her to buy something for Ganga Prasad, who hasn’t eaten anything in jail. Neelu tells Ganga Prasad that Doree’s parents bought the bracelet for her.

Episode end

Precap: Neelu informs Mansi that she has found her daughter.


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