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Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 6th December 2023 Written Update: Mandira’s decision breaks Rimjim’s heart.

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 6th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with Mandira attempting to put bangles on Shakti’s hand. However, Shakti pulls her hand away, reiterating that she has already made it clear she does not want to go through with the marriage. Keertan advises Shakti to speak respectfully, but Shakti dismisses his suggestion. Rimjim reminds Shakti that Keertan is her fiancé and asks her not to disrespect him. Shakti argues that Keertan is not deserving of being her fiancé since he had expressed his desire to marry her in college. Rimjim tells Shakti to be quiet.

Keertan admits to Shakti and everyone present that he did talk about marriage in college. However, he clarifies that he was referring to his own marriage with Rimjim, not with Shakti. Keertan declares his love for Rimjim and promises to take good care of her. Shakti urges Rimjim not to believe Keertan’s lies. Rimjim confronts Shakti, questioning if she believes that only she deserves love, not Rimjim. Keertan intervenes and reminds Rimjim that Shakti is her sister.

Keertan confesses his love for Rimjim and states that they can only get married if Shakti agrees to marry Shiv. Mandira also pleads with Shakti to accept the marriage proposal with Shiv, emphasizing that if Shakti refuses, Keertan may die as he won’t be able to have Rimjim. Both Mandira and Keertan emphasize what a great person Shiv is.

Manorama agrees to the marriage proposal, but only for Keertan and Rimjim, not Shiv and Shakti. Mandira reminds Manorama that Keertan and Rimjim can only get married if Shiv and Shakti marry each other. Manorama refuses to force Shakti into a marriage she doesn’t want and expresses her willingness to support Keertan and Rimjim’s marriage. Shakti tries to change Manorama’s mind, but Manorama respects Rimjim’s wishes just as much as she respects Shakti’s.

Rimjim asks Mandira to leave Shakti and promises to prove herself as an ideal daughter-in-law.

Mandira apologizes to Rimjim and removes the bangles from her hand. Keertan pleads with Mandira not to do it, expressing his inability to live without Rimjim. Mandira whispers in Shakti’s ear, suggesting that Shakti will eventually come and beg her to agree to the marriage with Shiv. Mandira then drags Keertan away from Sharma Sadan.

The episode concludes.


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