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Chand Jalne Laga 5th December 2023 Written Update: Malik vows destruction

Chand Jalne Laga 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “Chand Jalne Laga” begins with Tara attempting to contact Malik, but he is not answering her calls. Worried about his silence, she learns from Farvari that he hasn’t called her either. Instead, he sent her a voice message. As Tara notices a yellow rose bouquet in the car, Arjun confesses that he bought it for her. Ananya arrives and remarks that it’s her favorite flowers. Tara gives the bouquet to Ananya, disappointing Arjun. Meanwhile, while Tara is busy checking Malik’s messages, he recalls the incident and believes that she deserves his hatred. Feeling betrayed once again, he vents his anger by breaking an alcohol bottle and a mirror.

Malik acknowledges that people often say everything happens for a reason, and he believes it’s good that Tara didn’t overhear his conversation. He thinks she might have twisted it into a new story. He feels he did the right thing by separating himself from her, as he wanted to punish her and make her pay for her deeds. In the meantime, Soni and Sardaj clean the house, making sure there’s no evidence left for Tara to find against them. Soni notices Tara’s saree and Vanraj’s clothes and urgently asks Sardaj to get rid of them.

As Tara, Ananya, and Malik arrive at the house, Soni hides the evidence behind the sofa and welcomes Arjun. She tells Arjun that she cleaned the house for him, trying to flatter him. Arjun agrees to stay there, explaining that he’s facing business issues in India and needs to solve them. Soni and Sardaj are shocked by his decision. Arjun asks Tara to show him where the fire caught. When the servant informs them it was a short circuit, Arjun questions how Vanraj detected a chemical poison. Soni suggests that the crackers lit in the house might have caused the smell. Ananya takes Arjun to his room while Soni and Sardaj clear the evidence.

Meanwhile, Tara wonders why Malik isn’t contacting her. Farvari overhears a conversation between Tara and Raunaq and becomes worried. Malik confronts Raunaq and threatens him if he comes near his sister again. Farvari apologizes on behalf of Malik. Tara shares her concerns about Malik with Arjun, who tries to console her by suggesting that he might be tired. Tara decides to prepare Malik’s favorite food, and Arjun offers to take her to the hospital. While Farvari worries about Raunaq, Malik warns her to stay away from Tara’s family. Farvari promises to do so but secretly plots something. As Tara and Arjun are about to leave, Arjun questions Tara about selling the Haveli to Malik, revealing that Raunaq betrayed her. Their conversation is interrupted when Malik crosses paths with Arjun.

And that’s how the episode concludes.


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