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Pushpa Impossible 5th December 2023 Written Update: Ashwin gets punished with a penalty

Pushpa Impossible 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode starts with Prathna expressing her disappointment to Pushpa about the current situation. Rashi asks if everything is still okay, to which Prathna replies that it would have been better if Chirag had stayed silent. Deepti adds that a fraud is still a fraud. Later, Deepti shares her concerns with Pushpa about how she will save her marriage.

Juggal encourages Ashwin to stay strong and suggests waiting for the final police report. The police then address the reporters, stating that Ashwin needs to pay a penalty of Rs 40 lakhs within a week, or he might face imprisonment.

The reporters question Ashwin about how he plans to pay the penalty, but he leaves without answering. Bapodara sees the news about Ashwin’s financial trouble and believes that this is an opportunity for Pushpa to come to him or Manish. Susheela asks Bapodara if he will provide the money, to which he agrees on the condition that Prathna stays in their house.

Pushpa worries about how they will manage to pay such a large sum of money. Juggal suggests using his house in the village, but Pushpa dismisses the idea, refusing to let him take responsibility for someone else’s mistake.

Chirag blames himself for Pushpa’s trouble and wonders how she will arrange the money. Meanwhile, Ashwin regrets his actions and promises Pushpa that he will find a way to gather the money. Pushpa warns him against doing anything foolish, suggesting that she would even sell their house if necessary. Ashwin rests on Pushpa’s lap, seeking comfort.

Manish and Sonal discuss Ashwin’s penalty, while Deepti reaches out to her parents for help. Manish assures Deepti that he will find a solution and asks her not to worry. However, Ashwin insists that they shouldn’t ask Deepti’s parents for assistance out of shame. Deepti reminds him that beggars can’t be choosers.

Susheela offers her jewelry to Pushpa, cautioning her against letting anyone take advantage of the situation. Pushpa initially refuses the jewelry, but Susheela insists and makes her swear on their friendship. Pushpa finally accepts the jewelry.

Bapodara questions Susheela about her late-night activities, but she makes up an excuse, fearing his reaction if he discovers the jewelry.

In the upcoming episode, Pushpa punishes Ashwin by taking away his right to call her mother, leaving him shocked.


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