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Vanshaj 5th December 2023 Written Update: Simone helps Dj.

Vanshaj 5th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Yuvika is troubled by thoughts of hurting Neel. She realizes that Neel is right about DJ and that he is only involved because of her. Bhoomi asks Yuvika what was happening outside, and Yuvika explains Neel and DJ’s argument. Concerned, Yuvika tries to call Neel but he doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, Neel is at home feeling hurt and lost, and Vidur comes to console him. Vidur advises Neel to stay away from the Mahajan family matter, but Neel is convinced that DJ is up to something suspicious.

Gargi and Dhanraj enter Subhadra’s room and congratulate her. They try to manipulate her, suggesting that if they join forces, they can rule the Mahajan empire. Gargi explains that they plan to strip Yuvika of her position as chairperson, just like how Bhanu’s share was taken from her.

Simone is doing a photoshoot for Isha when DJ texts her to meet him outside. They meet, and DJ flirts with Simone, thanking her for her support. Simone confesses that she feels uncomfortable with what she’s doing. She recalls the previous night when DJ was with her while Ruhi was searching for him. DJ revealed his grief to Simone, who loves him and agreed to do anything for him. However, DJ tells her that she should see it as an opportunity to enter his life since Ruhi no longer holds a place in his heart. Simone asks him not to give her false hope.

Yuvika tries to reach Neel but fails, causing her to worry. She sends him a text asking for his help and to meet her. Meanwhile, Ruhi informs Yuvika that she has something important to share, but Yuvika notices that Ruhi has a high fever and advises her to rest. DJ tells Simone that he wants to do something big and take everything away from the Nagars. He asks for Simone’s help and promises that once he achieves his dream, he wants her by his side.

Bhoomi suggests that Yuvika give DJ a chance to express his intentions. She reminds Yuvika that they are Nagars and should stick together, and that Isha and Arjun are Yuvika’s responsibility.

Arjun and Isha inform Simone that they need to leave as it’s getting late. They bid farewell to Simone, who questions DJ about his plans. DJ reveals that he intends to attack Yuvika from all directions and do something that she can’t even imagine. Ruhi tries to reveal DJ’s truth to Yuvika, but Gargi interrupts their conversation.

In the precap, Vidur receives an eviction notice, giving him only 24 hours to vacate his house.


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