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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka Upcoming Story: Neeta will learn of Reyansh’s bail!

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Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka is gearing up for more drama, with Jai refusing to marry Aradhana in prison.

In the current track, it shows that Aradhana tries to stop the inspector from taking Jai away but fails. She scolds Reyansh for being behind all this. She rushes to the station to save Jai. Neeta blames Aradhana for Jai’s arrest, but Malini requests her to calm down.

Aradhana creates a scene in the police station and gets herself arrested, which upsets Reyansh. The police officer throws Reyansh out of the station. Aradhana decides to marry Jai in the police station. Reyansh gets furious. Jai refuses to marry Aradhana, shocking the latter.

In the upcoming episode, Reyansh will ask Aradhana if she wants to go far away from him. Aradhana will say yes and also add that it will not be difficult for him because he is going to stay in jail and then leave with Jai by holding his hands. Reyansh will say that no matter what, Jai-Aradhana’s marriage will not take place.

Kirti will express her love for Jai. Meanwhile, Malini and Bhakti will bring Aradhana to begin the Haldi ceremony. Jai will tell Kiki that he loves Aradhana and their marriage is going to take place the next day. Everyone will look happy in the Haldi ceremony.

Neeta will ask someone on the call if the work has been done yet? The person on the other side will inform her about Reyansh’s release from prison. Neeta will be shocked. Reyansh will be seen going somewhere with a smile. In the Haldi ceremony venue, the power will go off, which will confuse everyone. Both Reyansh and Aradhana will have haldi on their face. Reyansh will look happy.

What is Reyansh up to now?

To find out the answers to the above questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space for the exclusive update about your favorite Hindi shows.


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