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Dhruv Tara 27th December 2023 Written Update: Tara cries for Shaurya

Dhruv Tara 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tara worrying that if Dhruv reads the message in the mirror, it will create a new problem. So, she breaks the mirror using a gulel (a slingshot). Tara hears Shaurya’s voice, but she remembers Bhavosa’s condition and tries to ignore him. She walks away, ignoring Shaurya’s calls.

Sona informs Bhavosa that Tara is trying to meet Shaurya without permission. Bhavosa feels insulted and tells Surya about Tara’s actions. Surya assures Bhavosa that Tara won’t go beyond her conditions. Sona and Chandi suggest that they take Bhavosa to see for themselves.

Shaurya asks Tara why she won’t turn back to see him. Bhavosa arrives with Sona, Chandi, and Surya to verify the situation. Bhavosa realizes that Shaurya is calling out to his mother, but she is not there. She asks Shaurya if his mother came to meet him. Shaurya explains that he has been calling his mother, but she hasn’t come to see him. Surya supports Bhavosa, stating that Tara cannot break her promise. Dhruv apologizes to Tara for touching her, but she thanks him for saving her.

Shaurya apologizes to Surya if he has disappointed him and requests Surya to show him the love he used to show him before. Surya walks away, trying to ignore Shaurya, but Shaurya keeps following him and eventually falls down. Bhavosa picks up Shaurya and assures him that she is there for him. Bhavosa warns Sona and Chandi to stop spreading rumors in the Mahal. Meanwhile, Bheera sees Shaurya as a big problem for his claim to the throne and plans to remove him from his path.

Surya goes to his room and cries a lot for Shaurya. Shaurya wonders why his parents are ignoring him. Surya misses Shaurya terribly. Dhruv goes to see Shaurya, and Tara notices that Surya is crying a lot for Shaurya. Surya expresses his pain to Tara, saying that Shaurya is facing it all alone and his eyes are filled with tears. Surya blames himself for not being a good father, but Tara reassures him that she is not a good mother either. Surya tells Tara that she has never separated Shaurya from him, and Tara realizes that Surya cannot live without Shaurya.

Shaurya hugs Dhruv and asks him if his parents will never meet him again. Shaurya questions if he is a bad boy, but Dhruv assures him that he is a good boy. Tara hugs Shaurya’s painting and cries. Sukanya sees Dhruv carrying Shaurya in his arms and wonders if Dhruv knows the truth. Tara stops Sukanya and asks her why she is telling the truth to Dhruv. Tara explains that it will create a huge problem for Shaurya. Sukanya suggests taking Shaurya far away, but Tara disagrees, feeling guilty for hiding the truth from Dhruv. She believes that if Dhruv and Surya find out the truth, it will shatter them both. Sukanya apologizes to Tara for writing the message in the mirror.

Rajmata regains consciousness and remembers that soldiers attacked her, but Surya saved her. Sukanya thanks the divine Kanhaji for rescuing Rajmata. Rajmata expresses her gratitude to Surya for saving her life despite being enemies. Rajmata asks Sukanya about everyone else in the Rajmahal. Sukanya reveals that Dhruv, Surya, Tara, and Shaurya are all suffering from immense pain. Rajmata becomes angry at Bhavosa and decides to confront her.

In the precap, Bheera informs Shaurya that his grandmother and aunt are fighting, and Shaurya decides to intervene. Shaurya finds himself in danger.


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