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Vanshaj 27th December 2023 Written Update: Arjun gets an evidence against Simone.

Vanshaj 27th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Yuvika pleads with the social media page holders to wait for the truth to come out before assassinating Isha’s character. Bhoomi tries to convince Isha to eat something, but she remains silent and lost in thought. Yuvika comes to console Isha, who expresses her feeling that everything has come to an end. Yuvika encourages her to stay strong and not break down, emphasizing the need for them to stick together. Meanwhile, Simone sits alone and cries, regretting the crime she committed. She questions herself, wondering how she could do such a thing, especially as a woman, just because she loves Dj.

Arjun discovers a picture from the event day showing Simone wearing the showstopper dress, which leads him to realize that Simone is the one behind all of this. He rushes to Simone’s place and knocks on the door, but she is too scared to answer. The next morning, the media gathers in front of the Mahajan house, questioning Yuvika about her silence regarding the wardrobe malfunction at the Prem Bhoomi launch event. Yuvika requests that the media stay away, explaining that Isha is not ready to face them at the moment. The media accuses the incident of being a publicity stunt, persistently asking Yuvika and Bhoomi embarrassing questions.

Simone calls Dj and confesses that they have committed a crime but cannot face the consequences. She declares that she will take the blame upon herself to protect Dj’s reputation. However, Dj arrives and stops her. He tries to manipulate Simone according to his own terms, but she asks for some time alone. Ruhi steps in and faces the media, defending the Mahajan family and giving a strong response. A media person tries to enter the house for Isha’s interview, but Yuvika spots him and instructs the guards to take him to the police station.

Arjun shows Yuvika the photo he found, but Yuvika believes they need more evidence to prove Simone’s guilt. Meanwhile, Kabir is planning something new against the Mahajans. His motives go beyond winning in business and are personal in nature. The next day, Yuvika attends a meeting in the boardroom, where Kabir challenges her. He asks her to remove one tile from the cheng without dropping the rest. If she succeeds, he will give up one percent of his share to her. Yuvika attempts the challenge, and the episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Bhoomi will consult Panditji for a puja. Stay tuned for the next update.


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