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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28th December 2023 Written Update: Radha insults Kadambari

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode of “Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan,” Kadambari confronts Damini about Mohan’s condition. Damini admits that Mohan got hurt because of her and reveals the events that occurred at the Banerjee’s house. However, Kadambari refuses to believe Damini and slaps her, accusing her of lying. Radha intervenes and defends Damini, stating that she is telling the truth about Mohan being possessed by Tulsi. Ketki dismisses Radha’s claims, thinking she is talking about ghosts again, while Rahul denies the existence of ghosts.

Radha understands that they won’t believe her without witnessing the events themselves. Ketki expresses disappointment in Radha, and Rahul reminds her that the doctor declared Mohan as fine. He questions Radha’s change in stance and accuses her of trying to prove Mohan as mentally unstable to gain control of the family’s properties.

Radha becomes defensive and asserts that she is not motivated by money, having already proven her intentions several times. She insists that she is merely sharing what she witnessed. Ketki, however, refuses to believe Radha, and Kaveri attempts to speak up but is stopped by Ketki, who believes it’s a family matter. Rahul decides to call the doctor to resolve the situation.

Radha turns to Kadambari, confident that she will trust her. She suggests calling a Tantrik to deal with the situation. However, Kadambari, as Mohan’s mother, dismisses the idea, stating that she doesn’t believe in such things and won’t subject Mohan to it. Radha reveals that Kadambari is not Mohan’s biological mother, which angers Ketki and Rahul. Radha asserts that she has the most rights over Mohan after Gungun and takes responsibility for his safety. She insists that the Tantrik should be called and heads inside.

The next day, the Tantrik arrives at the Trivedi house. He informs Radha that there is a spirit in the house seeking revenge. Radha identifies it as the spirit of her husband’s first wife and pleads with the Tantrik to save Mohan. Ketki and Rahul dismiss Radha’s claims and believe that Mohan needs medical attention instead. However, the Tantrik interrupts them, stating that he will prove Radha right. He performs a ritual with a lemon, explaining that if red liquid comes out when they cut it at midnight, it indicates the presence of a spirit in Mohan’s body. Radha confidently predicts that the liquid will be red and hopes that this will finally make everyone believe her. She decides to keep the lemon in Mohan’s room, unaware that her own safety is at risk due to a spirit attacking her.

The episode concludes.


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