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Pushpa Impossible 27th December 2023 Written Update: Bapodara gives an ultimatum to Pushpa

Pushpa Impossible 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Deepti collapsing in the middle of the street, losing consciousness.

A day earlier, Deepti approaches Pushpa and expresses her concern about Ashwin, who hasn’t returned home yet. Pushpa comments on Ashwin’s behavior, stating that she witnessed it herself.

Meanwhile, Ashwin complains to Bhaskar about Manish recommending him without considering his self-respect. Bhaskar advises Ashwin not to misunderstand their good intentions.

Pushpa instructs Deepti to call Ashwin, but he ignores her call. Ashwin confides in Bhaskar about his anger and uncertain actions. Bhaskar advises Ashwin to go home.

Deepti leaves the scene, and Ashwin spots Pushpa and hides from her.

Pushpa contacts Juggal and discusses Dilip’s reaction to the news of the 40 lakhs. Juggal questions whether Dilip intends to help with the money. Pushpa admits she doesn’t know.

Ashwin returns to Deepti’s house, where Manish urges Deepti not to question Ashwin’s actions. Sonal questions why Manish prevented her from questioning Ashwin and insists he needs to answer for his behavior. Manish defends Ashwin, claiming he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Deepti advises Ashwin to start his life anew and emphasizes the importance of being punctual for work. Ashwin becomes upset upon hearing this.

Pushpa informs Dilip about Chirag’s marriage to Prathna and warns him not to create any trouble with Bapodara. Dilip agrees and gives a signal.

Prathna prepares to leave for Pushpa’s house, but Bapodara tells her it’s still two hours before they need to leave. Bapodara mentions Susheela’s Sthree Dhan and expresses concern about his reputation if it’s discovered that he gave fake jewelry. He acts suspicious of Chirag, suggesting he may have stolen the jewelry. Prathna defends Chirag, denying the accusation and stating that the police will decide.

Pushpa decides to speak with Bapodara about the situation and leaves. She overhears Bapodara accusing Chirag of theft. Pushpa reveals the truth that Susheela gave her money to pay Ashwin’s penalty. Bapodara admits he was aware of this and did it to force them to confess. He warns Pushpa that she must pay the 40 lakhs within three days, or he will involve the police. Bapodara suggests she can sell her house to him if she can’t arrange the money.

Deepti questions Ashwin’s refusal to accept Manish’s help, but he insists he doesn’t need anyone’s assistance and asks her to leave. He gets into an auto-rickshaw and drives away.

While chasing the auto, Deepti suddenly collapses and loses consciousness. Passersby inform Deepti’s parents about her condition. They rush her to the hospital, and Sonal informs Pushpa about the situation. Pushpa and Chirag hurry to the hospital.

Pushpa converses with Deepti’s parents and instructs Chirag to find Bhaskar.

In the upcoming episode, the doctor informs Deepti’s family about an emergency and the need for immediate surgery. The doctor asks for Ashwin’s signature, but Manish reveals they are unable to contact him. Pushpa introduces herself as Deepti’s mother-in-law and takes full responsibility. She requests the doctor to proceed with the operation.

Ashwin arrives and inquires about Deepti’s sudden condition, but Sonal slaps him and tells him to leave.


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