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Chand Jalne Laga 27th December 2023 Written Update: Malik ruined the party

Chand Jalne Laga 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tara confronting Thakurani and asking her to reveal her relationship with Malik. As Malik overhears their conversation, Thakurani admits that it was a mistake to confront her. She warns Tara and leaves. Malik questions Tara about the conversation, but she manages to lie to him.

Meanwhile, Farvari brings a cake for them. Malik refuses to cut the cake, stating that it’s Tara’s family celebration and she should do it. Despite his anger towards her, Tara stops him from leaving and convinces him not to hurt Farvari’s feelings. Farvari notices Raunaq’s presence but ignores him, recalling their past together. Soni observes this and reminds Raunaq of her advice.

Raunaq asks Soni if she wants to witness him marrying the sister of a servant. Soni acknowledges that Malik can hire multiple servants like Raunaq but asserts that Farvari still cares for him. She urges Raunaq to restart their relationship, emphasizing that she is his future and willing to make sacrifices for him.

In the midst of their conversation, Malik and Tara arrive. Malik announces that the cake is special and proceeds to cut it with a sword. He reveals that he intends to expose the truth behind their wedding, mentioning how Tara had left him years ago. He expresses his difficulty in living in a world filled with hatred and pours drinks on the cake, setting it on fire.

Tara feels heartbroken and panics as the fire spreads. Malik claims that Tara has deceived him and vows to ruin her reputation in front of her family. He accuses her of pretending to be his childhood friend and betraying him, as well as pretending to be a good wife. Farvari intervenes, leading to a heated argument between her and Malik. Tara feels embarrassed, and Ananya agrees with Soni that they are not happy at the wedding. Malik wipes cake off his face, and Vasanth Kakka approaches him to talk.

Vasanth reveals that he was delighted to find out that Deva is Malik. He advises Malik, pointing out that he fails to understand Tara’s love for him. Tara sends food for Malik, but he perceives it as an attempt to appear virtuous. Vasanth tries to explain that Malik is misinterpreting Tara’s actions. Tara prepares Malik’s favorite food and hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Malik talks to her provocatively, and she eats the food he prepared. Malik mocks her, and the episode ends.


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