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Dil Diyaan Gallaan Upcoming Story: Will Veer express his love to Alia?

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In the Sony SAB show Dil Diyan Gallan, a character named Salty plans to mix poison in the halwa to kill Dilpreet. Meanwhile, Veer discovers that Alia is longing for his love. The question is, what will Veer do now? Let’s find out more.

Previously, Veer learned from Amrita’s second letter that she wants him to keep their child safe. Sanjot, with Maan’s support, wrote fake letters using Amrita’s name. She wants Veer to move on with his life and hopes for his reunion with Aastha. Disha overheard this conversation and decided to assist Sanjot. She obtained Veer’s childhood clothes from Sanjot.

Salty informed Rohan that Dilpreet is an obstacle to their plan. Rohan instructed Salty to kill Dilpreet and bring Shekhar to him. Sanjot prevented Dilpreet from eating prasad and told him that she had prepared halwa for him. Salty overheard this.

Disha gave a saree to Rana and asked him to send it to the US. Rana suggested that Maan should receive a return gift as well. Disha said she would consider it. She dressed up Alia to resemble Veer during his childhood. Veer was pleasantly surprised to see Alia in this attire. Sanjot encouraged him to express his love to Alia.

In the upcoming episode, Veer will discover that Alia is longing for his love. Meanwhile, Salty will mix poison in the halwa to kill Dilpreet.

Will Dilpreet eat the poisoned halwa? Will someone else consume it?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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