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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 19th October 2023 Written Update: Sanjot tricks Veer

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 19th October 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Dil Diyaan Gallaan, Veer receives Amrita’s second letter, in which she asks him if he can see her in their child. She pleads with him to keep their child safe. Meanwhile, Maan asks Sanjot if she’s writing a third letter. Sanjot reveals that Veer is still not ready to move on after reading Amrita’s letter. However, she believes that Veer will find the courage to move forward eventually. She thanks Maan for supporting her plan and expresses her desire for Veer and Disha to fall in love with each other. Maan, in return, wants Sanjot to reunite with Aastha.

Unfortunately, Aastha has sent divorce papers, making it difficult for them to reunite. Despite this, Sanjot insists that Aastha still loves him despite her hurt. She decides to visit the gurudwara to pray for their reunion. Maan reminds her that she hasn’t been to the gurudwara in the last 10 years. Nevertheless, Sanjot is determined to pray for Aastha and Maan’s reunion. Disha overhears their conversation and decides to help Sanjot.

Disha approaches Sanjot and asks her for Veer’s baby clothes. Sanjot questions her about her intentions. Disha reveals that she plans to use the clothes to bring Veer and Alia together.

On the other hand, Salty informs Rohan that they won’t succeed as long as Dilpreet is still around. Rohan suggests killing Dilpreet, but Salty is hesitant, knowing that it would mean running away forever. However, Rohan insists that she has the experience and orders her to bring their son to him at any cost. Meanwhile, Dilpreet warns Salty to stay away from Shekhar and Alia, prompting Salty to contemplate getting rid of Dilpreet.

Nimrit confronts Rana, telling him that she knew he wouldn’t leave the house. Rana explains that he changed his decision for Dilpreet and Sanjot, crediting Disha for changing his mind. He then leaves the scene.

Disha gives Rana a saree, explaining that Maan had bought it for Aastha. She asks Rana to courier the saree to the US. Rana suggests getting a gift for Maan as well, but Disha admits that she doesn’t know his preferences and promises to think of something.

Sanjot prepares prasad, but Dilpreet attempts to eat it. Sanjot stops him, revealing that she has kept halwa specifically for him in another bowl. Salty overhears this and sees an opportunity to harm Dilpreet.

Veer comes across a photo from his childhood and gets excited. Disha helps Alia get ready to look like Veer. Veer is surprised by Alia’s appearance and asks her if she thinks she resembles him. Sanjot brings Alia next to Veer and comments that she looks like a younger version of him. Sanjot then instructs Veer to perform a ritual called ‘nazar utarna’ to ward off evil spirits. Veer follows her instructions and leaves the scene. Sanjot chases after him, urging him to express his love.

The episode concludes with Veer discovering that Alia longs for his love, and Salty secretly adding poison to the halwa.

Precap: Veer learns about Alia’s desire for his love, while Salty’s actions threaten Dilpreet’s life.


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