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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 20th October 2023 Written Update: Veer accepts Alia

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 20th October 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Dil Diyaan Gallaan, Salty hatches a plan to kill Dilpreet by mixing poison in the halwa. She carries out her plan without anyone’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Alia expresses her gratitude to Amrita for bringing Disha and Shekhar into her life. She asks Amrita to help her make Veer fall in love with her. Alia shares her disappointment that Veer doesn’t take her out or sing lullabies for her. She apologizes for complaining about Veer and hopes that he will start buying toys for her, just like her friend’s father does. Unbeknownst to Alia, Veer overhears their conversation. Disha reveals to Veer that Alia is his daughter and asks him if he understands Alia’s feelings. Veer, feeling overwhelmed, decides to leave. Disha urges him to think about the present and accompany her to buy a doll, which brings a smile to his face.

Later, Veer places the doll on Alia’s table and lovingly caresses her head while she sleeps. Disha observes this heartwarming moment and they quietly leave the room. Alia wakes up and recalls dreaming about Veer singing her a lullaby. Veer confides in Disha that he feels good and she suggests that expressing his love openly would make Amrita’s soul happy.

Determined to dream about Veer again, Alia falls back asleep. Veer enters the room and embraces Alia, then lifts her up and dances with her while the title song plays in the background. This heartwarming scene brings smiles to the faces of the Brar family. However, the joy is short-lived as Alia suddenly vomits blood, shocking everyone. They rush to her side, and Maan suggests taking her to the hospital.

Unaware of Alia’s condition, Salty mistakenly believes that Dilpreet has died. Shekhar informs her about Alia’s critical state, prompting Salty to contemplate leaving with Shekhar while everyone is at the hospital. Dilpreet instructs the women of the Brar family to stay at home and take care of Shekhar.

At the hospital, the men admit Alia and Maan informs the family that it is a case of food poisoning. He asks them about what Alia had eaten, and Dilpreet remembers feeding her halwa because she was hungry. He reassures Maan that Sanjot carefully prepared the prasad.

Concerned for Alia’s well-being, Veer asks Maan if she will be fine. Maan tells him that it is a poisoning case, causing Veer to plead with him to save Alia as he cannot bear to lose her. Maan looks at the unconscious Alia, and memories of Veer’s words and Amrita’s death overwhelm him, leading him to request a pediatrician for Alia.

Nimrit informs Sanjot that Alia consumed poisoned food, but Sanjot insists that she only had prasad. Salty wonders when Alia had the prasad and urges Disha to go to the hospital as Veer needs her support. Sanjot agrees with Salty, and Disha leaves for the hospital.

Veer anxiously waits for news about Alia’s condition. Alia questions why he is worried when he doesn’t love her, to which he replies that he has realized her importance in his life. He apologizes to her, but it turns out to be his imagination.

The episode ends with a preview of Dilpreet questioning Salty, who confesses to mixing poison in the halwa. Rohan then attacks Dilpreet.


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