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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 21st October 2023 Written Update: Rohan attacks Dilpreet

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 21st October 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Dil Diyaan Gallaan, Veer is seen crying and hugging Disha. Meanwhile, Salty calls Rohan and asks him when he will come. Rohan informs her that he will leave the police station once the police inspector arrives. He inquires about Sanjot and Nimrit, to which Salty replies that she will send them to the hospital and hangs up the call. Nimrit expresses her concern about who will take care of Shekhar, to which Salty assures her that Sanjot will take care of him. Nimrit leaves for the hospital, and Salty tricks Sanjot in the same way.

Rohan is determined to take his son with him today, regardless of the circumstances. Shekhar wakes up and asks Salty about Disha, who informs him that Disha has left for the hospital.

At the hospital, Disha asks Rana about Alia’s condition. Rana sadly informs her that Alia is not doing well. He suggests contacting a pediatrician that Maan knows. However, Maan reminds him that Aastha has sent divorce papers, causing some tension. Rana urges Maan to put his ego aside and call Aastha, as they need her to save Alia.

Sanjot approaches Dilpreet to inquire about Alia, who sadly tells her that Alia is still in critical condition. Rana blames Nimrit for Alia’s condition. Sanjot and Dilpreet are shocked to see Nimrit there, and she reveals Salty’s lie. Dilpreet leaves the hospital and calls Shekhar, warning him not to leave the house with Salty. Dilpreet notices a bowl of halwa and questions Salty. Suddenly, Rohan attacks Dilpreet from behind.

Sanjot reassures Veer that Dilpreet has gone back home. Rana also leaves for the house. Veer tries calling Dilpreet, but there is no response. Disha prays for everything to be fine. The doctor informs them that Alia’s condition is worsening. Disha pleads with Alia to wake up, stating that she needs Veer. Nimrit decides to go to the house and leaves.

Rohan drags the unconscious Dilpreet into a room. After some time, Dilpreet regains consciousness and begs Rohan to leave Shekhar alone. He pushes Rohan away and begins to strangle him. Salty intervenes and asks Dilpreet to let go of Rohan. Shekhar takes hold of a gun, and Rohan asks him to hand it over. Shekhar gives the gun to Dilpreet, who reveals that Shekhar also knows their truth. He instructs Shekhar to hide, and Shekhar runs away. Due to excessive blood loss, Dilpreet loses consciousness. Rohan is about to shoot Dilpreet, but Rana pushes him away. Nimrit pushes Salty. Meanwhile, Aastha video calls Maan and informs him that she will reach the hospital in an hour.

The episode ends with Alia’s condition worsening.

Precap – Veer confesses to Alia that he blamed her for his loneliness and Amrita’s death. He admits to being selfish until now and pleads for one last chance. However, Alia’s condition continues to worsen.


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