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Titli 22nd October 2023 Written Update: Titlie asks Megha and Garv to get engaged

Titli 22nd October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Garv telling Titli to keep her belongings with herself as they will be needing everything new for Megha. Titli explains that it’s not just clothes and jewelry, but also the love of a mother-in-law. Since she will no longer be the daughter-in-law of the house, she doesn’t have the right to keep them. Titli asks Garv if he didn’t like all this or if there is another reason. Garv thinks about how he hurt Titli before and admits that he cannot continue to do this to her.

Garv insists that Megha is the one for him. Maina and Megha smile upon hearing his decision. Titli is left in tears. Megha tells Titli to stop playing games and tells her to leave the house, but Titli refuses. She is determined to make Megha leave the house before Navratri ends. Manikant enters Koyal’s room and sees her packed luggage. He also reads the letter she left on the bed about leaving the house. Garv is eating sweets in the kitchen when Titli approaches him and says that she has set an auspicious time for his and Megha’s engagement.

Garv scolds Titli for making decisions about his life. Titli responds by saying that she will leave the house only after he gets married to Megha. Megha enters the kitchen and says that they are ready for the engagement. Chintu tries to call Dhara, but she doesn’t answer. So he calls Drishti and asks about Dhara. Drishti promises to inform Dhara to call him back. Chintu questions Drishti about her baby and encourages her not to marry Sandy. He assures her that she will find someone who accepts her and her child. Drishti starts to wonder if she is in love with Chintu.

Manikant confronts Maina about asking Koyal to leave the house. Maina smiles while reading the letter. Manikant believes that Koyal should not leave, but rather Maina should because her thinking is wrong. Koyal tells Manikant to stop and denies accepting his behavior. She explains that she has raised Maina like a mother since childhood. Titli asks Maina to see how Koyal has always done so much for her. Maina starts feeling guilty and apologizes to Koyal, taking her blessings. Koyal hugs her instead and says that it was her mistake to misunderstand Koyal, asking her not to leave. Koyal decides to go away for some time and promises to return later. Titli gives her a ticket and admission letter. Koyal expresses her desire to do everything she couldn’t do before, including learning dance and opening a dance school. The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Megha will ask Titli to leave the house. However, Titli will agree to leave only after Garv completes one last task. She will light the Hawan Fire and ask Garv to take seven vows with Megha around it.


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