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Titlie Upcoming Story: Garv misses Titlie, but will he accept the truth?

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Star Plus’s show Titlie is currently portraying Koyal’s departure from the Mehta house to pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, Garv is seen missing Titlie. On the other hand, Titlie announces Garv and Megha to take rounds around the holy fire.

In the previous episode, Koyal bid an emotional farewell to Garv and Titlie as she left the house. Dhara asked Drishit about her feelings for Chintu, and Drishti confessed her love for him. Titlie received a call from Koyal, who spoke about her dance academy.

After the call, Maina reveals to Titlie the truth about seeking Megha’s help to separate her from Garv. Maina apologizes and acknowledges Titlie’s goodness, while also witnessing Megha’s true nature.

Titlie reassures Maina that she doesn’t need to seek forgiveness, as everything she did was for her son and family. Titlie promises to make Megha leave and asks Maina to trust her. Meanwhile, Drishti confesses her feelings to Chintu, but he reminds her that they are good friends and he loves Dhara. Unbeknownst to them, Dhara overhears their conversation.

In the upcoming episode, Titlie will give Garv a task and then leave. She will ask him and Megha to get married. What is Titlie planning? Will Garv end up marrying Megha?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space.


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