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Titli 23rd October 2023 Written Update: Koyal leaves Mehta house

Titli 23rd October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Koyal talking about going to learn dance from an academy. She expresses her desire to open a dance school after she returns. Garv compliments her and expresses his pride. Koyal embraces both Garv and Titlie. Dhara sits upset and heartbroken. Alpa tries to get her attention, but she doesn’t respond. Alpa scolds Dhara for leaving litter all around the room. Dhara discovers Drishti’s medical report and realizes she is pregnant, but she mistakenly believes that Chintu is the father. Koyal entrusts the household responsibilities to Maina and asks her to become Titlie’s badi Maa in her absence.

Koyal emotionally embraces both Maina and Garv. She goes to Titlie and tearfully hugs her before leaving the house. Koyal also seeks blessings from Manikant. Finally, she leaves the house, leaving everyone emotional. They all bid her goodbye. Drishti looks at her clothes and worries that they won’t fit in a few days. Dhara confronts Drishti and asks about her relationship with Chintu. Drishti admits her mistake of not recognizing her feelings for Chintu earlier and praises him. Dhara questions whether Drishti likes Chintu, to which Drishti confesses that she is in love with him.

Drishti tells Dhara that even though she likes Chintu, he had feelings for Dhara first. Titlie talks to Koyal, who shares her plans of opening a big dance academy. Titlie asks Koyal to teach her dance when she returns. Maina joins them and expresses her interest in learning dance as well. She assures Titlie that she will take care of her. After ending the call, Maina reveals to Titlie the truth about seeking Megha’s help to separate her and Garv. She apologizes to Titlie and acknowledges her goodness while also realizing Megha’s true intentions.

Titlie tells Maina not to ask for forgiveness as she understands that Maina did everything for her son and family. Titlie assures Maina that she will make Megha leave and asks for her trust. Maina agrees to support her. Drishti proposes to Chintu by decorating a car. Chintu initially thinks she is joking, but she calls him Mr. Perfect and confesses her feelings for him. Drishti falls to her knees and declares her love for Chintu.

Chintu tells Drishti that it’s wrong. He reminds her that she is his good friend, but he loves Dhara. Dhara overhears their conversation. Chintu apologizes for the pain she endured because of Sandy and promises to stand by her side as a friend. Chintu suggests telling Dhara the truth, but Drishti refuses. Dhara feels guilty for misunderstanding Chintu. While Garv is sleeping, Megha enters his room and confesses her love for him. However, even in his sleep, Garv keeps mentioning Titlie. The episode ends with Megha showing her obsession with Garv.

Precap: Titlie will ask Garv and Megha to get married after giving them a task to complete.


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