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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 23rd October 2023 Written Update: Salty shoots Rohan

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 23rd October 2023 Written Update on

Veer confesses to Alia that he feels like he has failed as a father and pleads for one last chance to make things right. Alia wakes up and affectionately calls Veer “papa,” which deeply moves him. However, she suddenly loses consciousness. Maan arrives at the scene, and Aastha instructs him to check Alia’s temperature. Maan reveals that Alia has a fever, but Aastha advises against giving her medicine. Instead, she suggests the traditional method of sitting with the child in an ice water tub, as done by mothers and grandmothers. Sanjot volunteers to sit with Alia, despite Veer’s concerns about her age. Disha insists on taking over and sits with Alia in the ice water tub.

Veer questions Disha’s decision, but she asserts that nothing is more important than Alia’s life and that she will do anything for her. Veer entrusts Alia to Disha and prepares to leave. Sanjot inquires about his destination, and he explains that he is going to save his son. Just as the mother is saving her daughter, it is his responsibility to save his son. With that, he departs.

Meanwhile, Rohan is searching for Shekhar, and Salty restrains Nimrit by tying her to a chair. Nimrit becomes anxious upon seeing Rana unconscious. Rohan eventually finds Shekhar, who expresses his unwillingness to go with him. Ignoring Shekhar’s resistance, Rohan forcefully takes him away. Salty insists on accompanying him, but he refuses, claiming that the Brar family will kill her. Disregarding her plea, he coldly dismisses her concerns. Salty questions how he can treat her this way, to which he responds with a threat.

Just as Rohan and Shekhar’s confrontation intensifies, Veer arrives and attacks Rohan. Veer asserts that Rohan has no right to consider himself a father. Rohan retaliates, arguing that Veer has no right to make such a statement. Dilpreet frees Nimrit and Rana, and Nimrit rushes to call the police. Dilpreet urges Rana to wake up, and he regains consciousness. Veer confronts Rohan, denying any mistreatment of his family. Rohan accuses Veer of not being a saint and threatens to destroy the Brar family. Veer retaliates by physically attacking Rohan and vowing to protect his family. In the midst of the chaos, Salty shoots Rohan.

Maan informs Aastha that Alia’s fever is subsiding. Sanjot insists on taking over the task of sitting with Alia, but Disha firmly states that it is her responsibility. Meanwhile, Rohan tries to reveal Salty’s truth to Veer, but before he can do so, the police arrive and arrest both Rohan and Salty. They are taken away by the police.

The Brar family rushes to the hospital, where Shekhar expresses his pride in Disha. Maan takes Alia to her room, and Veer escorts Disha to another room. Veer covers Disha with a blanket, displaying his affection for her. Maan expresses his relief that Alia is fine and becomes emotional upon seeing Aastha wearing the saree he had brought for her. They embrace each other, while the title song plays in the background. They both apologize to each other.

The episode ends.

Precap: Veer informs Disha that she is the daughter of Amrita’s murderer and declares that he cannot live with her.


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