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Titlie Upcoming Story: Will Titlie and Garv separate?

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The popular Star Plus show, Titlie, is currently showcasing Titlie’s determination to make Garv confess the truth, but he continues to deny it. Surprisingly, Garv gets engaged to Megha. Now, the question arises whether he will proceed with the marriage rituals as well.

In the previous episode, Titlie goes to Garv’s room to inform him about Koyal’s arrival at the academy, but to her surprise, she sees Megha coming out of Garv’s room.

Titlie notices that Garv is sleeping, and Megha starts to panic. However, she continues to act and tells Titlie that Garv doesn’t want to be with her anymore and has even given her the clothes and jewelry that belonged to her.

Garv remains firm in his decision, refusing to change his mind. Titlie challenges him to prove his commitment to Megha by making her wear the engagement ring. Megha picks up the ring from the box and puts it on Garv’s finger.

Dhara tells Chintu that Drishti needs him and asks him to marry her. Unfortunately, Chintu is heartbroken by her decision. Meanwhile, Garv arrives with Megha and is about to make her wear the engagement ring. Dhara hugs Alpa and asks about her own marriage plans. Alpa agrees to find a suitable match for her. Surprisingly, Garv ends up making Megha wear the ring, leaving Titlie in shock.

In the upcoming episode, Megha will request Titlie to leave. However, Titlie insists on staying until Garv completes the seven wedding vows with Megha and lights the sacred fire.

How will Titlie prevent Garv from marrying Megha?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space.


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