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Titli 24th October 2023 Written Update: Dhara asks Chintu to marry Dhristi

Titli 24th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Titlie going to Garv’s room to inform him about Koyal reaching academy but she sees Megha coming out of Garv’s room. Titlie notices that Garv is asleep and Megha starts panicking. But keeps acting and says Titlie that Garv doesn’t want to stay with her and even has given the clothes and jewellery to her which belonged to her. Megha says Titlie that once Garv makes her wear ring tomorrow, Titlie will have to believe it all. Dhara goes to a sleeping Drishti and kisses her. She thinks Drishti is not alone as she will look after her.

Titlie prays to Goddess and thinks she is doing everything to find out the truth why Garv is hurting her so much. She says she is staying in the house keeping her self-respect at stake to find out the real reason and hopes her plan gets successful. Megha and Garv come there and the former asks Titlie what plan she is talking about. Titlie tells them that she has brought someone for them and shows the pair of rings. She says the day is very auspicious for them to get engaged. Manikant scolds Garv and says no time can be good for such a wrong decision.

Chiku also rebukes Garv and asks why he is doing all this and hurting Titlie. Garv says he will not change his decision at all. Titlie says if he wants to stay with Megha he should make her wear the ring. Garv says why he needs to do so and marriage is not a game. Megha picks up the ring from the box and makes Garv wear it. Titlie feels hurt seeing the same while Garv hesitates to make Megha wear the ring back. Garv ends up throwing the ring and leaves from there.

Maina tells Titlie that she was right and Garv definitely doesn’t want to marry Megha but why is he lying. Titlie says she is at least satisfied to know her thinking was right and Garv only loves her. Dhara comes to meet Chintu and apologizes for coming without informing him. He hugs her happily and asks why did she disappear suddenly. She tells Chintu that she loves him. The latter says that he loves her too and wants to send a marriage proposal to her house. However, Dhara tells him to send the proposal for Drishti instead of her.

Garv gets hyper and wonders why Titlie is doing all this. Megha asks Garv to calm down. He says that Titlie is doubting him and it’s actually right as he cannot think of anyone other than her. Megha manipulates Garv and tells him to think of how many times he has hurt Titlie and if he deserves to be with her. Dhara says Chintu that Drishti needs him and asks him to marry her. Chintu feels heartbroken hearing her decision. Garv comes with Megha and is about to make her wear the ring. Dhara hugs Alpa and asks her about her marriage. Alpa agrees to find a match for her. Garv ends up making Megha wear the ring shocking Titlie. The episode ends with a hurt Titlie.

Megha will ask to let Titlie go. Titlie will say she will go after Garv takes seven rounds around the holy fire with Megha and will light up the same.


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