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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 24th October 2023 Written Update: Veer learns the truth of Amrita’s accident

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 24th October 2023 Written Update on

In this episode of Dil Diyaan Gallaan, Aastha embraces Alia as they reunite. Disha advises Aastha to let go of the past and make amends with Maan. Aastha expresses her gratitude and wonders if she should also thank Amrita. Overwhelmed with emotions, she blesses Amrita and hugs her. Rana seeks Aastha’s blessings and hands Maan Alia’s report. Aastha questions who could have poisoned Alia’s food.

Dilpreet discloses that Salty attempted to kill him by adding poison to the halwa. Disha affirms her belief that Salty hasn’t changed. Shekhar informs Disha about Salty’s assault on Dilpreet. Disha apologizes to Dilpreet on Salty’s behalf. Aastha inquires why Salty would want to harm Dilpreet. Veer receives a phone call confirming his flight reservation, but Alia urges him not to go.

Later, Sanjot advises Dilpreet against revealing the truth to Veer. She questions whether he can bear the weight of potentially breaking Veer and Disha’s relationship. Dilpreet confides in Sanjot that he has decided to tell the truth to Maan and Veer.

Disha puts Alia and Shekhar to sleep before asking Veer about his departure. Veer surprises her by saying he isn’t leaving and asks for her support. Disha assures him of her unwavering support, and they share a meaningful gaze before embracing. Nimrit watches them and bursts into tears, seeking solace in Rana’s comforting presence.

Maan catches Sanjot writing a letter to Veer. Sanjot explains that she is preparing Veer to accept the truth that he is about to discover. Maan acknowledges her intentions and leaves. Veer stumbles upon Sanjot writing the letter and questions her. Sanjot admits to her actions, explaining that she wanted Veer to move forward in life. Veer feels deceived and betrayed, storming out in anger.

Dilpreet expresses his desire to share something important. Nimrit apologizes to Maan and Veer, revealing the truth about Salty and Amrita’s accident. Disha claims ignorance about the situation, but Veer confronts her, accusing her of being the daughter of Amrita’s murderer. Veer declares that he cannot remain with Disha and demands that she leave his house. He heads to the airport, but Maan intervenes, pleading with him not to abandon his family due to Salty’s mistake. Maan requests Veer to stay for the sake of their family and enters the house.

Sanjot worries about Veer’s departure, while Maan blames himself for failing to convince Veer. Disha reassures Maan that it wasn’t his fault and considers leaving as she feels like an outsider. However, Veer arrives and declares that Disha is part of their family. He embraces Dilpreet and Sanjot, and they pose together for a family photograph.

And that’s how the show concludes.


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