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Titlie Upcoming Story: Will Titlie and Garv be able to reunite despite Megha’s manipulations?

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Get ready for some exciting updates on the Star Plus show Titlie. In the latest episode, we saw Titlie’s efforts to make Garv give up his drama, but unfortunately, she failed. Garv went ahead and got engaged to Megha, and even signed divorce papers.

In the previous episode, Megha mocked Titlie and thanked her for helping her get engaged to Garv. Titlie, however, gave it back to Megha and reminded her that Garv belongs to her and always will.

Meanwhile, Manikant approached Maina and apologized to her. He also gave her some school papers. Manikant shared his idea that Koyal wants to run a dance school and Maina’s talent in interior designing can help decorate it. The plan is for the sisters to run the school together.

Manikant hopes that things between Titlie and Garv will sort themselves out. But to everyone’s surprise, Titlie hands divorce papers to Garv. She believes that unless their relationship officially ends, Garv cannot marry Megha. Manikant confronts Garv and asks him to make it clear to Titlie that he will not give her a divorce. However, Garv surprises everyone by signing the divorce papers and handing them to Titlie.

In the upcoming episode, Megha will ask Titlie to leave instead of getting hurt every day. But Titlie will make a demand – she will only leave after Garv takes seven vows around the holy fire.

Stay tuned to to find out what happens next in this thrilling story!


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