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Titli 25th October 2023 Written Update: Titlie’s plan backfires

Titli 25th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Megha mocking Titlie and thank you her for purchasing Garv produce her put on the hoop and says she hopes quickly he’ll produce her put on the mangalsutra too. Megha says Titlie that she will have to give her treatment consultation as her self goodwill is low and asks her to consider it. Titlie scolds Megha again and reminds her that Garv is hers and can at all times be hers. Chintu thinks of Dhara’s guarantee to whisk marriage proposal for Drishti and calls. Titlie shouts him and inquires what has came about.

Chintu tries to lie however Titlie catches his lies listening to his accentuation. She asks him to oppose hiding and say what has came about. Chintu asks Titlie what she thinks love is. The extreme asks Chintu why he needs to find out about it and if he has fallen in love. Chintu lies and says he’s asking as a result of he’s studying a hold. Titlie describes love as dwelling era for any individual else and making happiness of others as personal happiness. Chintu thinks he’ll do what Dhara needs for her happiness. He comes to a decision to progress forward with Dhara’s request.

Manikant comes to speak to Maina and apologizes to her. The extreme asks why he’s apologising as he by no means says sorry to any person..Manikant says he has realised his errors even supposing it’s overdue so he sought after to apologise. Maina additionally says she has to apologise to him in addition to Koyal. Manikant says they will have to overlook no matter has came about and produce a brandnew starting. Manikant hugs Maina and says he has amaze for her. He provides her college papers. Manikant says Maina that Koyal needs to run Dance college and he or she is excellent at inner designing so she will adorn it and upcoming each sisters can in combination run the college.

Manikant hopes that the entirety between Titlie and Garv will have to get looked after. Maina says she is bound that Titlie in finding a way out. Dhara and Alpa come to fulfill potential groom and he or she presentations the similar to Chintu on videocall. Dhara says Chintu that she will marry any individual else and he will have to marry Drishti. Titlie provides break-up papers to Garv surprising him. Chintu says Paresh that he needs to speak to them. Baa says him to mention no matter he needs. He says needs to speak about marriage proposal.

Alpa will get being pregnant document however spills aqua on it. So she will most effective see D at the document and wonders if it’s Dhara or Drishti. Garv questions Titlie about break-up papers. The extreme says except their dating ends formally Garv can not marry Megha so it needs to be performed. Manikant asks Garv until when will he proceed his drama and asks him to inform Titlie that he’ll no longer give break-up to her. Titlie says Garv does no longer love her anymore so she has to drop. Garv says he’ll signal the papers and Titlie feels emotional. Garv in fact indicators and Megha smirks fortuitously. The episode ends with Garv handing the signed papers to Titlie.


Megha will ask to let Titlie progress in order that she doesn’t get extra harm. Titlie will say she’s going to drop however ahead of that Garv should marry Megha.


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