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Disha Patani’s Tattoo Tale Sparks Curiosity About Relationship with Aleksander Alex Illic: Is Love in the Air?

Disha Patani, the Bollywood sensation, has been causing quite a stir on social media with her intriguing posts dedicated to none other than Aleksander Alex Illic. The rumour mill has been churning over time, suggesting a possible romantic connection between the two. And now, Disha’s recent Instagram post has set the online world abuzz once again, leaving fans and followers speculating about the nature of their relationship.

The picture that’s capturing everyone’s attention was reshared from Aleksander’s story. In the snapshot, he proudly displays a tattoo on his arm, none other than the face of the stunning Disha Patani herself. The tattoo showcases Disha’s captivating features, adding a layer of mystique to their already intriguing bond.

While the online community was left in awe by this unexpected reveal, Disha herself responded with genuine gratitude, expressing her feelings with, “I’m so touched, Alexii So lucky to have you as my friend #bff”. The actress, while never explicitly confirming a romantic relationship with Aleksander, has consistently mentioned that they formed a strong connection during their early years in the industry, living as housemates and bonding over their shared career journeys.

Aleksander's Disha Patani Tattoo

In an earlier interview with ETimes, Aleksander candidly discussed their friendship, reminiscing about their time living together in 2015. He stated, “We lived together back in 2015. She was also working for the same agency at the time. I shared a flat with Disha and a few other models. We got along great. We both have a strong enthusiasm for fitness, which has boosted our bond. So we began going to the gym together and eating lunch and dinner together. We spent a lot of time together inside the house. We became close friends.”

While the tattoo’s meaning remains a mystery, it has undeniably ignited speculation about the nature of Disha and Aleksander’s relationship. On the professional front, Disha Patani has a busy schedule ahead, with projects like “Yodha” alongside Sidharth Malhotra and Raashii Khanna, the epic fantasy drama “Kanguva” alongside Suriya, and the much-anticipated film “Kalki 2928 AD” featuring a star-studded cast including Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan.


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