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Doree Upcoming Story: Ganga Prasad threatens Kailash Devi

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Colors TV has recently premiered a new show called Doree, which takes place in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The show aims to shed light on societal issues, such as the abandonment of a girl’s child and the rights of girls. It offers a unique perspective by narrating the story through the eyes of a young girl named Doree.

In the previous episode, we witnessed Kailash Devi’s cruel demands towards Doree, forcing her to clean the floor and cook for the family. Vansh, a deceitful character, lied to Kailash Devi, claiming that Doree had burned his hand. As a result, Kailash Devi burned Doree’s hand in retaliation. Additionally, Anand, another character, plotted to kill Doree and ordered her to sweep the floor with a broom, to which she reluctantly agreed.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect Ganga Prasad, a prominent character, to confront Kailash Devi and threaten to ruin her family if she does not disclose Doree’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Anand will be shocked to discover that Doree has gone missing and will react violently towards Neelu, the person responsible for abducting Doree. As Doree struggles for breath while trapped inside a mat, the suspense intensifies.

Will Doree manage to find her real mother? When will Kailash Devi discover that Doree is her own granddaughter?

These burning questions will be answered in the forthcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates and the resolution to this captivating storyline.


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