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Doree Upcoming Story: Komal to give a birth to girl

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Colors TV has recently premiered a new show called Doree, which is set in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The show sheds light on some prevalent issues in our society, such as the abandonment of a girl’s child and the importance of a girl’s rights. It presents the world through the innocent eyes of a young girl named Doree.

In the previous episode, a major revelation took place when Neelu discovered that Doree is actually the real granddaughter of Kailash Devi. It was revealed that Mansi had given birth to a girl six years ago. Neelu thought this was a stroke of luck for her and immediately contacted Mansi to inform her about her long-lost daughter. She requested Mansi to meet her at the temple. However, Komal, who had her suspicions, decided to follow Neelu discreetly.

Later on, Ganga Prasad, who has not been the best father figure, had a nightmare. His conscience urged him to provide Doree with a proper education, realizing that he had been unjust in making her work. He promised to take better care of her and encouraged her to study hard and make him proud.

Neelu informed Mansi that she had discovered some information about her daughter. Unfortunately, she lied to Mansi, claiming that the girl had passed away.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect some intense moments. Komal will suddenly experience labor pains and collapse. Ganga Prasad will request Mansi to bring Komal to their house, but Kailash Devi will insist that she be taken to her own Haveli. The inspector will express concern for the safety of the baby. Meanwhile, Kailash Devi will be shocked to learn that Komal has given birth to a girl during a religious ceremony.

The burning questions on everyone’s minds are: Will Doree be able to find her real mother? And when will Kailash Devi discover that Doree is her own granddaughter?

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode, as it promises to provide answers to all our questions. Keep visiting for the latest updates!


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