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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th December 2023 Written Update: Savi learns the reason behind Isha’s hidden pain

Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Isha expressing regret for leaving Ishaan in his childhood. Savi consoles Isha and shares her own experience of staying away from her father for eight years. She tells Isha that she used to pray for her father every day, and eventually, her prayers were answered as she reunited with her dad. Savi assures Isha that Ishaan will also realize her true value and will call her mother one day. However, Isha is skeptical and believes that Ishaan will never see her as his mother.

Savi and Shantanu decide to give Isha some alone time and leave her. Later, Savi apologizes to Shantanu for not being able to celebrate Isha’s birthday with her. Savi is curious about the reasons behind Isha’s pain and asks Shantanu why Isha left Ishaan in the past. Shantanu reveals the truth to Savi, explaining why Isha made that decision. Savi questions Shantanu about Isha’s fault in all of this, as both Isha and Ishaan are victims. She asks if Shantanu ever tried to tell the truth to Ishaan, but he reveals that Ishaan avoids discussing the matter. Savi thinks that it would be better if Ishaan is forced to face the truth.

The next day, after class, Ishaan leaves in a hurry. Savi follows him and offers him sweets to celebrate Ninad’s successful surgery. Ishaan hesitates but tastes the sweet and decides not to eat too much sweet in the morning. Later, Savi offers the same sweets to Reeva, who accepts them.

Shantanu calls Isha to check on her health as she is suffering from a migraine headache. After the call, Shantanu tries to invite Ishaan to his home, but Ishaan refuses. Shantanu then tries to send a message from Ishaan’s phone, wishing Isha a happy birthday, but Ishaan catches him in the act and gets angry, accusing Shantanu of stooping too low. Ishaan storms off in anger.

Savi approaches Reeva and suggests discussing counseling. Reeva agrees and takes Savi to her house. Savi seeks Reeva’s advice on dealing with someone who is in denial about their pain. Reeva explains that different people react differently to emotional experiences, some cry while others don’t. Savi gets an idea from this conversation on how to address her problem and thanks Reeva. While Savi is washing coffee off herself in the bathroom, she discovers a photo of Reeva and Ishaan together when she comes out.

The episode ends, and in the preview, reporters question Ishaan about Surekha’s involvement in his and Isha’s separation. Surekha loses consciousness, and Reeva comes to her aid. Ishaan blames Savi for the situation. Isha confronts Savi about making their private matters public and fears that Ishaan will never forgive her. Savi hopes that her actions will eventually bring Ishaan and Isha together. Savi approaches Ishaan to explain that her actions were not only for Isha’s sake but also for his. However, Ishaan pushes her away, and Reeva comes to comfort him.


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