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Yeh Hai Chahatein  Upcoming Story: Who tried to kill Simran?

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In the popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Chahatein, Simran will attempt to reveal the truth to Kaashvi. The question is, will Simran succeed in telling her the truth? Read on to find out more.

In the current track, Kaashvi informs Simran that she knows the truth about her. She apologizes to Simran and asks her to be ready to elope with Micky. However, Geetika overhears their conversation and immediately calls Mahima.

Geetika informs Mahima about Kaashvi’s plan and suggests that she should reveal to Kaashvi that her baby is alive if Simran elopes with Micky. Simran overhears this and decides to tell Kaashvi the truth. However, Harman intervenes and forcefully takes Simran inside the house.

Simran threatens to expose Geetika, leading to Geetika slapping her. Harman then locks Simran in a room and ties her to a chair. Despite being confined, Simran manages to steal Harman’s phone and sends a message to Kaashvi.

Meanwhile, Kaashvi and Arjun discuss their plan while enjoying Dadi’s homemade food. They notice that Mahima did not send lunch for Arjun and decide to share the food. Just then, Aditya arrives and expresses his desire to eat Dadi’s food, unaware that Arjun has already eaten it. The conversation then shifts to the topic of fate.

In the upcoming episode, Geetika will urge Mahima to take action. Arjun and Kaashvi eagerly await Simran’s arrival. However, a twist occurs as Simran falls from the terrace. Despite the fall, Simran musters the strength to tell Kaashvi that she has something important to reveal.

Who pushed Simran from the terrace? Will Arjun discover Geetika’s secret? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To find out what happens next in your favorite show Yeh Hai Chahatein, stay tuned to this space.


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