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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th December 2023 Written Update: Savi hatches a plan to bring Ishaan and Isha together

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Savi arranging the back calendar and about to look at Ishaan and Reeva’s photo when Reeva calls her. Reeva questions Savi’s interest in psychology and wonders if she has a friend who needs counseling. Savi denies having any such friend and explains that she is simply curious about psychology. Reeva comments on Savi’s curiosity.

Later, Savi asks Reeva if she has any issues with the Bhosle family. Reeva clarifies that she doesn’t and reveals that her joining the family was against Ishaan’s consent, which is why he might be a little upset with her. Savi leaves after their conversation.

Ishaan gathers all the students and announces that Pune University has awarded the Bhosle Institute of Excellence as the best college of the year. He also mentions that there will be a party after the play. The students are thrilled with the news.

Savi brings her play to Ishaan for finalization. Ishaan asks Savi to write her name on the play as she is the one who wrote it. Savi agrees and writes her name. While Ishaan reads the play, Savi hopes that he won’t realize it is his own story and get angry with her. Nishikanth interrupts and informs Ishaan that reporters are waiting for him. Ishaan decides to read the play later and leaves.

Savi discusses the play with her friends, contemplating who should play the various roles. Savi explains that the play revolves around a child, his mother, and his aunt. Reeva approaches Savi and compliments her on the play, acknowledging that it is well-written. Savi’s friends suggest that she should play the role of the mother, considering it is a challenging role. Savi agrees, while Kajal expresses her inability to play the role of the aunt. Reeva encourages Kajal not to perceive the role as a villain and convinces her to take on the part. Savi requests Reeva to play the role of the aunt, and she eventually agrees.

Surekha presents Aarthi to Yashwant, Ishaan, and Nishikanth to celebrate their college’s achievement. Ishaan announces that a party will be held after the play to celebrate the victory.

Isha refuses to attend the play, citing that she can’t bear to see the hatred in Ishaan’s eyes towards her. Savi persuades Isha to come by swearing on their relationship and emphasizing that the play is dedicated to her.

Surekha enters the auditorium, feeling uneasy after stepping in with her left foot first. Yashwant reassures her not to worry about it.

Savi anxiously waits for Isha, and her joy knows no bounds when she sees Isha has arrived to watch the play.

The episode ends.

Precap: The reporters question Ishaan about Surekha’s role in his and Isha’s separation and inquire if they are reconciling their past feud. Surekha loses consciousness, and Reeva catches her. Ishaan blames Savi for the situation.

Isha confronts Savi, criticizing her for making their personal matters public. She believes Ishaan will never forgive her, but Savi remains hopeful that their actions will bring Ishaan and Isha back together.

Savi approaches Ishaan and explains that she did it not only for Isha but also for him. However, Ishaan pushes her away, and Reeva comes to comfort him.


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