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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th December 2023 Written Update: Kiran threatens Harini

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Reeva serving food to the Bhosle family according to their preferences. Ashmita and Shikha are amazed at how Reeva knows all their likes and dislikes. Ishaan watches this from a distance. Durva realizes that she has been served Kichdi, which she doesn’t like. Ishaan tells Durva to be respectful and reminds her that they are in a hospital, not a hotel. Durva asks Ishaan not to scold her in front of others. Reeva explains to Durva that she got the wrong box and apologizes, saying she ordered a salad for her. Reeva clarifies that the Kichdi is for herself. Avni thanks Reeva.

Meanwhile, Kiran calls Harini and asks her to withdraw her complaint. Harini refuses, stating that she will never do so. Harini hears the doorbell ring and is surprised to find Kiran outside her door. Savi goes to open the door despite Harini’s attempts to stop her. However, there is no one there. Savi sees someone running away and decides to chase him.

Kiran informs Harini that he is at the police station and warns her that if she doesn’t withdraw her complaint, he will teach them a lesson. He then hangs up the phone. Savi tries to catch the person who ran away but he escapes on his bike. Savi finds his dropped watch and wonders who he might be.

Harini expresses her concern for Savi when she returns. Savi tells Harini that she doesn’t know who the person was as she didn’t see his face. Harini shares her worries about the shadow at the door and also mentions the gifts Savi has been receiving from a secret admirer. Vinu reveals another gift and shows it to the family.

A Santa Claus and a child visit Reeva to sell gifts, with the money going towards the children’s ward. Ishaan buys all the boxes and asks the kids to share them among themselves. He then gifts a green pen to Reeva, knowing that she likes writing with it. Ishaan apologizes for Durva’s behavior, and Reeva understands, revealing the reason behind Durva’s behavior. Reeva offers to leave if Ishaan doesn’t want her there, but Ishaan stops her and asks her to stay. Surekha, observing from the window, thinks that Reeva has handled Ishaan and the family well.

Isha visits the hospital to check on Surekha’s condition. Shantanu tells Surekha that Isha is here and asks if she wants to meet her. Surekha agrees and asks Shantanu to call Isha. Savi opens the gift and finds expensive jewelry inside. Bhavani asks Savi if she knows who sent the gifts and urges her to share if she has anyone in mind.

The episode ends with Surekha announcing that she has decided to arrange Ishaan’s marriage with Reeva. In the precap, Shantanu asks Isha if she thinks there might be feelings between Savi and Ishaan. Savi overhears their conversation and asks what they are talking about.


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