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Saubhagyavati Bhava 27th December 2023 Written Update: Siya tries to find Risha’s murderer

Saubhagyavati Bhava 27th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Risha’s mother is devastated to see her daughter’s lifeless body and insists that Risha did not take her own life. The hospital staff takes Risha away as Siya tries to console her grieving mother. Siya wonders why Risha died before being interrogated and questions if she really committed suicide.

Siya asks Risha’s mother if Risha said anything to her the previous night. Risha’s mother recalls that Risha expressed regret for her wrongdoings but did not say anything specific. Siya shares her suspicion that Risha may have been involved in the smoke bomb incident. Risha’s mother is shocked by this revelation.

Siya believes that all the clues point towards Risha as the culprit. Dadi questions why Risha would want to harm her. Siya explains that Risha wanted money, and Dadi realizes that she blocked Risha’s path to obtaining it. Risha’s mother blames herself for not setting clear boundaries for her daughter.

Siya is unsure about the identity of Risha’s murderer. She eliminates Viraj as a suspect since he is currently in the hospital. Siya hopes to find evidence left behind by the killer and discovers a button from a shirt.

Meanwhile, Unniyal is determined not to get caught and plans to make it look like Risha committed suicide. He also intends to stop Viraj and Siya’s wedding by any means necessary. Unniyal senses that someone was near him and finds an envelope outside his room with a photo of himself inside. He realizes that someone knows he killed Risha and finds a blackmail letter in the envelope.

Risha’s mother grieves while looking at her daughter’s photo and remembers recent events. Siya decides to donate Raghav’s wealth in Risha’s name. Tushar, noticing that something is bothering Siya, resolves to discover the cause. Unaware that she is speaking to Unniyal, Siya contacts a detective to uncover the truth.

In the next episode, Siya reveals to Tushar that she has identified their father’s killer and claims that Viraj is responsible for Rajendra’s death.


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