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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th December 2023 Written Update: Isha confronts Reeva

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bhavani announcing to Vinu that there is not any practicality between relationships and she’s going to aim to avoid wasting Ninad although there’s a 2% probability of survival. Savi says negative wish to promote the home and says she’s going to communicate to a Consider Sanatorium and shift Ninad there for higher remedy. Bhavani says they don’t have future and says she’s going to promote the home. Vinu asks Bhavani not to damage his day through promoting the home. He says he wishes that area and proclaims that he doesn’t assist the place they keep. Bhavani is stunned. Savi slaps Vinayak.

Shantanu questions Isha about her conduct with Ishaan. Isha says she doesn’t like Ishaan’s conduct with applicants. Nishi comes there and feedback on Isha. Isha questions why he’s commenting on her. Nishu unearths to Isha that she harm Ishaan through supporting Reeva. Shantanu says he’ll give an explanation for and tells her that Reeva was once the one that left Ishaan at the engagement pace. Isha says she doesn’t find out about it. Shantanu says he doesn’t know why Reeva is again. Nishu asks why they’re hurting Ishaan and feedback that they don’t assist about Ishaan’s happiness. Isha tries to mention she doesn’t find out about Reeva however Nishu stops her and says he prays to god to not give a mom like her to someone. Nishu leaves. Isha feels damaged.

Savi asks Vinu how he can hunch so low. Savi unearths Vinu’s crimes and movements to Bhavani. Bhavani is surprised to be informed Vinu was once in the back of the assault on Isha. Vinu asks Savi to appreciate him as they want him. Savi says they don’t want him. The attendant comes there and tells Vinu that they wish to pay 10 lakhs for Ninad’s remedy. Vinu asks Savi to prepare for cash and leaves. Bhavani collapses asking how can they organize that a lot quantity. Savi says she has a plan to prepare cash.

Isha tells Shantanu that Ishaan will dislike her extra. She says she’s going to confront Reeva and release to satisfy Reeva. Isha meets Reeva and questions her why she is hurting her son. Reeva feels shocked understanding Isha is Ishaan’s mom. Reeva tells Isha she by no means even thinks to harm Ishaan. Isha feedback she is hurting Ishaan together with her movements. Reeva compares their status and requests Isha not to grasp the probability she were given. Isha says their statuses are other. She says she will’t speed again her marks however can by no means forgive her for hurting her son.

Savi asks in a fund health center if Ninad can get isolated remedy right here. The health center personnel says he can get isolated remedy right here however there are not any beds vacant of their health center. Savi asks the health center personnel if she will convey Ninad right here. The health center personnel says sure and says she will put the affected person within the hall if she doesn’t have any defect. Savi sees a quantity of sufferers within the hall and will get an concept of what to do. Savi screams Preeti and asks Preeti in order a folding mattress in conjunction with few alternative issues. Preeti consents.

Isha next the interviews says to Ishaan that she wish to communicate one thing non-public with him. Ishaan says negative to it and leaves from there.

Ishaan scolds the safety safeguard for permitting Reeva into the school. One of the most faculty personnel comes and says Savi is the one that introduced Reeva into the school.

Savi prepares a neat mattress for Ninad within the health center hall with the support of her pals. Savi sends a photograph of it to Harini and says to Harini that Ninad gets isolated remedy and drugs right here. Harini stocks the excellent news with Bhavani. Bhavani couldn’t consider that she may just do all of this abandoned.

Ishaan screams Savi and asks Savi to come back to the school instantly. Savi says she will’t come as she has some paintings. Ishaan asks Savi to come back to the inside 45 min if no longer she can be suspended.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi goals of Samarth killing her folk. Savi wakes up within the elegance and yelps that she doesn’t wish to be abandoned. Ishaan assures Savi that she isn’t abandoned. Reeva sees this from a distance


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