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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Dhanraj and Gargi manipulate Subhadra!

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In the most recent episode of Vanshaj, Yuvika informs Bhoomi about Neel and DJ’s argument. Concerned, Yuvika tries to call Neel, but he doesn’t answer. Neel is alone at home, feeling hurt and lost. Vidur comes to console him and advises him to stay away from the Mahajan family’s issues. However, Neel is convinced that DJ is up to something fishy.

Meanwhile, Gargi and Dhanraj enter Subhadra’s room and congratulate her. They try to manipulate Subhadra, suggesting that if they join forces, they can take control of the Mahajan empire. Gargi reveals their plan to strip Yuvika of her position as the chairperson, just like how they acquired Bhanu’s share.

Yuvika seeks Neel’s help and asks him to meet her. However, Ruhi interrupts and reveals that she has something important to share. Yuvika notices that Ruhi has a high fever and advises her to rest. DJ confides in Simone about his desire to take everything away from the Nagars.

Bhoomi suggests that Yuvika gives DJ a chance to explain his intentions. Bhoomi reminds Yuvika that they are Nagars and they should stick together. She also reminds her of her responsibility towards Isha and Arjun.

In the upcoming episode, Vidur receives an eviction notice, giving him only 24 hours to vacate his house. The question arises: Where will they go?

To find out how Neel reacts to this situation and if he blames Yuvika, continue watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to for the latest updates.


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