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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th December 2023 Written Update: Reeva gets the job

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Savi informing her friends that Ishaan has asked her to come to the college within the next 45 minutes, otherwise she will be suspended. Preeti asks Savi about Ninad being admitted to the hospital. Savi explains that Harini will be with Ninad and asks them to handle it. Savi hurries off to the college.

Ishaan calls Shukla and inquires if Savi has arrived at the college. Shukla informs Ishaan that Savi went to the hospital to admit Ninad, her relative. Ishaan asks what is wrong with Ninad, to which Shukla replies that he doesn’t know the details, but Ninad’s condition is quite serious.

Savi breaks a traffic signal in her rush to reach the college. She learns from Shukla that Ishaan is really angry.

Ishaan takes out his anger on a tire by hitting it with a hammer. Savi approaches Ishaan, who initially imagines lashing out at her for bringing Reeva into the college. However, when he snaps out of his daydream, Ishaan remains silent and asks Savi to leave. Savi notices that Ishaan is genuinely troubled and angry. She suggests to Ishaan that whenever she is angry, she hugs a tree and shares her worries with it. Savi then leaves the scene.

Savi arrives at the hospital and tells her friends about what happened with Ishaan. Bhavani and Harini bring Ninad to the hospital. Bhavani is concerned to see that it is a small hospital and Ninad doesn’t even have a proper room, but is placed in a corridor. Bhavani decides to take Ninad to a better hospital and sell the house in Ramtek to fund his treatment. Savi assures Bhavani that Ninad can receive excellent treatment at the current hospital, where everything is free, which is why there are many patients there.

Ishaan remembers Savi’s advice and hugs a tree to share his pain. He asks Bappa why everyone wants to help Reeva. Suddenly, Reeva appears and tells Ishaan that the main problem is that she is in his heart. She suggests that if he wants to forget about her, he needs to remove her from his mind and heart. Ishaan agrees and believes there is only one way to do it.

Isha recalls what happened and feels guilty for unintentionally hurting Ishaan. She decides to go to the university and change Reeva’s marks so that she won’t get the job. Shantanu stops Isha and reminds her that she will lose her job if she does this. Shantanu also assures Isha that Reeva won’t get the job because he, Nishikanth, and Ishaan will give her low marks.

Reeva talks to Swanand on the phone and he asks her to return to Mumbai. However, Reeva refuses and declares that she will do whatever it takes to be with Ishaan and will not leave him. Reeva receives a message notifying her that she got the job and she excitedly shares the news with Swanand.

The episode ends.

Precap: Savi has a dream of Samarth killing her family. She wakes up in class and shouts that she doesn’t want to be alone. Ishaan assures Savi that she is not alone. Reeva witnesses this from a distance.


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