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Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya assumes about Rajveer’s arrest

Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

Preeta expresses her frustration towards Karan for taking away her rights. Gurpreet, on the other hand, urges her to forgive Karan for Rajveer’s sake. Preeta questions the presence of the police in their house. Gurpreet provides her with an explanation, and Preeta suspects that someone intentionally locked her in the room. Gurpreet speculates that either Rajveer or Mohit might have been responsible. Meanwhile, Shaurya instructs Sandy to get in the car, but they are spotted by a constable. Shaurya and Sandy manage to escape.

Karan asks Mohit about the woman who was locked in the room. Mohit lies and claims that she is his cousin. Karan insists that he heard Preeta’s voice coming from that room. Rajveer informs the police inspector that there are no drug peddlers in his house. Karan asks Mohit to take him to his cousin, but Mohit reveals that she has already left. The constable informs the police inspector that he saw the drug peddlers escaping in their car. The police leave the scene.

Karan instructs Mohit to call his cousin. Rajveer realizes that Karan suspects he saw Preeta. He diverts the conversation by asking about the preparations for Shaurya’s engagement ceremony. Rajveer offers to assist the Luthras with the preparations. Karan agrees to take him to the Luthra house and asks Mohit to contact his cousin.

Nidhi anxiously waits for a call from Rakhi. Karan receives Rakhi’s call and learns that Dadi is unwell. He leaves with Nidhi immediately. Rajveer informs Mohit that he is going to the Luthra house and leaves as well. Rajveer tells Karan that he will drive the car since Karan seems tense. Nidhi comments that Karan is a good driver, but Karan hands the car keys to Rajveer, much to Nidhi’s annoyance.

Preeta searches for Karan in the house and Mohit informs her that Karan has left. Gurpreet explains that Preeta is upset with Karan for participating in Rajveer’s engagement rituals. Mohit mentions that the engagement ceremony is over and the guests have left. Preeta is perplexed as to how Karan could have taken part in the rituals.

Gurpreet argues that Rajveer is like a son to Karan, to which Preeta argues that Shaurya is like her son, yet she wouldn’t participate in his engagement rituals. She wonders why Rajveer didn’t object to this. Preeta decides to talk to Rajveer and calls him, only to find out that he has gone to the Luthra house to help Karan. Preeta is surprised by the sudden bond between Karan and Rajveer.

Mahesh inquires about Dadi’s sudden condition. Kritika informs him that she has called the doctor. Rajveer and Karan arrive at the scene. Kareena informs Karan about Dadi’s rash. Rishabh also arrives. Rakhi explains that Dadi experienced suffocation.

Preeta calls Rajveer and asks him about Dadi’s condition. Rajveer advises her to ask Dadi about her symptoms and what she ate. Karan questions Rajveer’s qualifications to give medical advice. Dadi reveals that she only had soup. Rajveer relays this information to Preeta and informs her about the soup’s ingredients. Preeta deduces that Dadi is allergic to mushrooms and instructs Rajveer to give Dadi a herbal concoction. She sends him the recipe. Rajveer forwards the recipe to Rakhi, who goes to the kitchen to prepare the herbal drink. Meanwhile, Shaurya expresses regret for missing Rajveer’s arrest.

The episode concludes.


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