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Here is a list of top Celebs having an OnlyFans account

Beyoncé (PC : Instagram)

With Beyonce giving a shout out to OnlyFans in her hit song “Savage”, people have grown aware of it all the more. OnlyFans is a platform made for adult audiences, wherein people get a chance to talk to their favorite celebs in a more intimate manner but after paying a price.

It is a subscription-based website on which people have to pay a monthly fee to receive adult content directly from their favorite celebrities who have an account on OnlyFans. The website was built in 2016 and hadn’t originally set out to be an adult portal sharing NSFW content, but since it has very few restrictions, it became known for the truckload of adult content one can come across on the website if they are willing to shell out the money for it on a monthly basis.

There are several celebrities who have taken the plunge into the depths of OnlyFans and are getting increasingly more intimate with fans who are ready to loosen their purse strings for some NSFW content.

If you are wondering whether you should or should you not get an OnlyFans account to feast your eyes on your favorite celebrity, here is a list of celebrities who are on the platform. This would only make your decision easier.


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