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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Surili and Shiv take responsibility of Mohit!

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Update on

Mohit prays to god for Shiv’s recovery while Rani expresses her belief that god will listen to him. Surili and the rest of the family also join in prayer. Maan arrives and announces that the doctor has arranged blood for Shiv from a donor. Everyone is relieved to hear the news that Shiv is out of danger. Rani inquires about the donor, and the doctor reveals that it is Samar, who has the same blood group as Shiv. The family is shocked by this revelation.

Later, Samar arrives and apologizes to Shiv, expressing regret for not recognizing the love and intentions of the family earlier due to his own hatred. Shiv forgives him, attributing the situation rather than Samar himself for the misunderstandings. Samar thanks Shiv for saving his life and acknowledges why Rani is so fond of him. Samar bids farewell, urging everyone to take care of themselves.

Rani notices that her mahal has returned to normal and stops Samar from leaving. She acknowledges his efforts and suggests that he add “Barot” to his name, signifying his belonging in the family. Surili also expresses her gratitude towards Samar for saving Shiv’s life and apologizes for her earlier anger. Samar, in turn, apologizes for his past actions and emphasizes the power of goodness and the importance of unity and family.

The family thanks Samar, who reveals that he has confessed to the police and is ready to face the consequences of his actions. He addresses Rani as “Maa,” and she warmly accepts him as her fifth son. The emotional moment brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Rani requests Samar to hug her before his departure, and they share a tearful embrace.

As Samar prepares to leave, Shiv stops him and assures him that there is no need for apologies, as such disagreements are common between brothers. He requests Samar’s help in the family business and Mahal, and they part ways with a hug. The entire family comes outside to bid farewell to Samar.

Samar receives blessings from Rani and departs. Shiv, however, expresses his inability to forgive Roshni for her lies and attempts to separate him and Surili. Roshni apologizes and asks Surili for forgiveness, explaining that she still carries love for her first child and first love. Surili acknowledges Roshni’s wrongdoing but refrains from forgiving her.

Roshni then approaches Rani and suggests accepting Mohit into the family. Rani assures her that Mohit is already considered a part of the family. Surili also happily accepts Mohit, promising him respect and love in the Mahal. Roshni thanks Surili and bids farewell to Mohit, asking him not to trouble Surili and Shiv. They exchange promises, and Roshni leaves.

Shiv and Surili spend some quality time together, expressing their gratitude for each other’s efforts. They embrace and share a moment of affection. Surili is then shown taking on the responsibilities of a Rani and encouraging girls to pursue higher education. Rani praises Surili’s approach, and Raghav announces a new deal. Maan’s book becomes a bestseller, and Sam gets admitted to an international music college. The family celebrates their achievements and takes a family picture.

The end.


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